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I think I did OK.

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Bbc learning english - friday phrase / look up to someone

When enquiring about food that has been prepared or eaten, we tend to use How…? Of food that is cooking: How's it doing? Lolking they keep this up, they should get through to the finals.

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Jolie from Vietnam writes: In the example In no way will I agree to sharing an office with Ben, I Yok wonder why you can use both infinitive and V-ing form for the verb share. You are so gonna be in trouble when you get home. Instead of going on holiday last summer, he undertook this arduous trip up the Amazon. I object to her going out every evening and not telling me where she is going.

Bbc learning english - course: towards advanced / unit 5 / session 4 / activity 2

We've agreed to tidy our rooms when we get up, to clear the dishes from the table after eating and not to go out until we've finished our homework. Note that a waiter can only use the How…? It seems a shame that we can't take Kevin on holiday with us. I'm looking for size 36 in light blue. I've never seen her smile.

What's his wife like? I think I did OK. Note that when verbs follow prepositions any prepositions the V-ing form is normally used, not the to-infinitive pattern: I managed to finish reading Jack's article by staying up till midnight. I very much look forward to meeting you soon. He's the life lookinh soul of any party.

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Strictly speaking, all these sentences are grammatically wrong, and you'd be very unlikely to see them in written English. What we are looking forward to can be exemplified as either as a noun phrase or as a verb-phrase with an -ing pattern Jill says she's not looking forward to Jack's party next weekend. He's a wonderful You are looking for bbc model for other players to look up to. Here are some more examples of this structure.

Rare, medium or well done? He should be out of hospital by the end of the week.

Things are looking up

I've nearly finished. How is it going? Thanks for your question! Don't you want to look round the school before enrolling your children?

lookiing That outfit really suits you. Note that look is used in a wide range of phrasal verbs: Could you look after the children this afternoon while I go shopping? Let's start by looking at how we usually use so and really: I really want to go there.

How was your steak? Could you look at my essay before I hand it in?

It is an integral part of the verb. Just another five minutes. It rained every day. I so love your dress! It seems ridiculous that he has to stay looing to look after the cat.

Learning english - the english we speak - things are looking up

He's a very generous employer. What's Bob like? I'm so keen to go there. He's talking about getting it published in National Geographic magazine.

You are looking for bbc

And I ade get down to reading Jack's article which he sent me two weeks ago I must face up to the fact that I'm never going to be promoted in this organisation. Is that correct or just 'teen speak'? He didn't see me because he was looking the other way.