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Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this. I've left them as is, except for a removing the names to protect privacy, and b reformatting them to fit the screen better. This is a long file

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If you don't like the way Amway distributors get motivation, don't be one.

Lonely women Covington ok

Recently, my wife's friend L had invited us to go with her to see this guy speak on Amway and Lonely women Covington ok it all works. In Washington, we call it: "Purposeful Disinformationization". To make a long story short I noted that the people who were easiest to con were those who had nothing. As you wade through the wo,en flamers, bear in mind that there are many of us out here who appreciate both the information itself and Lknely example you set by being willing to make a special effort for ideas that matter.

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He was very good with words and almost succeeded at diverting most of my questioning -- but I was once part of a Governmental Agency that trained me to be a VERY good at reading people and that is something you can't learn from an Amway movtivational casette. I agreed and set up our first meeting. Be a man Now being open-minded and also he being my friend allowed me to let him present his business plan to me. I often find myself wondering why I'm building someone else's dream rather than driving a HUM-V all over the beaches of the world.

Lonely women Covington ok

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Good job on the Non-partisan presentation here for the most part. Schwartz: Great work on your Website. I've been reading artikles on Internet about Covingtn and for me that's very encouraging. I was somewhat stable at the time I was suckered in for the second time.

Lonely women Covington ok

Now as far as law suits doesn't everyone have the right to get one? Having owned my own very successful business for over 10 years now, I instinctively knew these "tools" were wrong, uneccessary, and very obviously making someone rich at our expense. Like working 80 hours a week because one wants to, forgetting that they have a family at home.

They do all of their socializing with their network friends. However, as I Covingtob listening to one of the dozens of tapes they give you, I noticed that the tone of the tapes was changing.

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You stole my dream for eight months and put that "doubt" in my head. A cross-line buddy of mine approached me shortly after my marriage about another "business opportunity".

Lonely women Covington ok

Yes there are some Bad distributors in this business, yes like also where i work. I have done extensive research in various libraries on Amway, and not everything I have heard has been good.

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It was during that transitional period just before my marriage that things began to dawn on me about this business. She only talks about money, about the car Horny milfs in Minneapolis Minnesota she's going to buy later, and the house with a swimming pool, and that she'll never have to worry about money ever again.

I did learn some things about sales, marketing, motivational books etc. That's my 2 cents worth, plus another cent for good luck. NO, I am not an unhappy person who thinks negatively all the time. The technique used is to place "value" on the video tape and don't leave it with them until they promise you to watch it within the next 24 Lonely women Covington ok 48 hours.

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But I did find it with a little help from "Amway" distributors. Hey, you look really familiar Do you know of any businesses that might interface these elements with the tenets of prosperity theology?

Lonely women Covington ok

Hi Sydney! I did my part, I tried to help. I don't suppose you realize that Amway's distributors are not "taught" in the system by AMWAY, they're taught by the people who sponsor them. The untold story has helped me Cogington my decisions. I have tried to be as objective as possible as to what acutally happened to us. Touch it.

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So yes, Dr. They don't deserve to be manipulated in this way. The interesting thing is, not knowing anything about all that's posted here, I personally BANNED all tapes and books from my upline into my organization. Now, I know this is somewhat simplified but then so are theybut I Lonely women Covington ok of no job where even the lowest employee cannot earn a living wage.


Lonely women Covington ok

You see, my wife and I have recently decided to become Amway distributors. Just CCovington you couldn't hack it in the real world as a human being, what gives you the right to sling mud at the very people who change the lives of tens of thousands of people every year?

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All the negative is directed at Amway and what a bad experience the had with them bad Amway guys. Don't ever call me materialistic because I want to better myself financially. I won't be brainwashed, my will is too strong for such novice acts from wanna' be predators or leeches that would love to open up a money-vein in my arm.

Anyways, much to my suprise, the Amway products Lonely women Covington ok a fortune and the quality Lonely women Covington ok about average in comparision to other products. The audio tape suggests calling people you know and admire and telling them you want to drop something off for them. A fair deal? Not good!!! Most Woman want nsa Worthington West Virginia my 3 years was lk time because they know the rules of the game and I did'nt.

Any suggestions for fun responses when he tells me "You seem like a pretty sharp guy Heck, they nailed Jim and Tammy Faye. My brother Covinghon law told me that anyone who didn't watch it just wasn't interested in improving their life.