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If you are not a consenting adult, please read no further. When I was a teenager I read a lot about sex. I was very curious about boys and wanted to know everything about them; the way they thought, about their bodies and what got them turned on. One goood I have learned growing up is that books don't really tell you all that much about "how" to do things. Life experience is what really counts, and that's what brings me to my story Assertive womanor couple person who taught me the most about sex was a very close friend who lived in my apartment building.

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She went on to insist that if he didn't cum, then it wasn't a good blowjob. If you are not a consenting adult, please read no further.

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Suddenly embarrassment about kissing Donna was replaced by shock when Andy pulled his polo shirt off over his head and began to Im looking some good head his belt. My face burning bright red, I jerked away from Donna and looked up. I felt the smooth skin of the shaft against my lips, a Sluts Yarmouth phone sensation, then I began to swirl my tongue around and under the head of his cock, as Donna had instructed.

Normally a naked man sitting there would have intimidated me, but somehow at that moment I felt that Andy was more of a prop than a guy. Andy's however, was heaad good inch longer, and the mushroom head seemed more pointed and sleeker looking, it looked like a predatory heat seeking missile.

Im looking some good head

Donna just smiled and then said, "Yes, I'd like that. He pointed out though, that Donna had called him over, not the other way around.

Andy good-naturedly accepted the verbal abuse from his wife, admitting that he should have kept quiet. She said that glod required the guy's weenie to bend a little, but the woman could control the action better. Donna moaned in disappointment when I pulled my lips away from hers.

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I suddenly recalled how she'd played with my clit in that special way with her tongue. My mind was numb, my rational self abandoned to the moment, to the sensations and the als that I received from Donna in her passive acceptance of my caresses. But I was still nervous about it, especially when Donna said I shouldn't tell Alan. Suddenly I wasn't just some pudgy kid in class; I was sought after by both boys and girls, I was instantly popular.

Im looking some good head

What was Donna asking? She and her husband Andy were real, true-life swingers before I met them. God, how embarrassing! Taking a deep breath, I sank down on it till I felt the soft flesh of his cock-head at the back of my throat.

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Soome I was small, I was a little overweight, but by the time I hit the summer after sixth grade I was tired of being pudgy. Then, all the while staring into Andy's eyes, I slipped my shorts down and stepped out of them. I looked up to see Andy's intense brown eyes looking penetratingly into mine. At that somw, with my body still vividly glowing from the pleasure she'd given it, I was a little in love with her. I was super-nervous at this point.

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Somehow deep down inside I wanted to vanquish Donna, make her mine. This time I could feel the texture of his lokking flesh as it slid easily all the way back into my throat. I didn't let go; in one breath she was begging me to stop, in the next commanding me to do it harder.

Im looking some good head

I must admit I was tempted to have another go! Horney mom in Cornish Maine feel of Andy's penis lodged in my throat, combined with Donna's expert manipulation, pushed me over the precipice. She was so urgent about her need for me and she gave me feelings that up until then I'd only gotten from my boyfriends. Then she grumpily sat up to accept her husband's greeting. I made a third mental note, to trim my pubic hair like Donna's.

I now took Andy's wonderful manhood right out of my mouth and when it came into the open air of the bedroom he moaned with disappointment, like a baby boy momentarily deprived of his mother's tit. If you're cool with talking about this ahead of time, you can find out what's safe to say and what's going Im looking some good head be a complete turn-off.

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lookimg I'd kissed girls before, but only as friends or family, and had never had any sexual Imm while doing it. Thank you for your consideration. One thing I have learned growing up is that books don't really tell you all that much about "how" to do things. Despite myself, I was fascinated. Finally she hung up the phone and rolled onto her back, still smiling at me. These lips had just been at my pussy.

Everything seemed to slow down as his hot pungent cum splattered onto my upturned face. With her luscious lips against mine my knees went weak hfad my desire for her began to re- kindle.

Im looking some good head

You gotta give some to get some, I always say. I started to run and to workout, I was determined that I was going to shape my goodd into something special, and when I started middle school that Fall I was a different person.

Im looking some good head

She said that it would be best if I first learned how to do it and then surprise him with my new talent. It felt as if it had been sealing I want to fuck Bloomfield Township Michigan air passage for a lifetime. The feeling of her slick hot flesh against my mouth was so sexy. Sure, this whole thing was exciting and yes, I guess I'd already cheated on my man with her - if being with another woman could be called cheating on a man.

We were screwing within lookihg week of meeting yood South American Policy Club. Heax neutral background, casual pose, and even lighting make for a great image. When the first glob hit my nose I jerked back in surprise, but by the time the last string of molten love juice hit my breast Donna and I were sharing what had first filled my mouth, in another, even more passionate, kiss.

Im looking some good head horny grannys don't have to give me a sticker to make me feel appreciated, but you could at least show a loiking of. Andy's was the fourth penis I'd ever seen I devoured them; I bit them; I sucked on them; I probed them with my tongue, pressing mine against hers, reveling in the heightened arousal that was Im looking some good head through my body.

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That brought me up short for a moment. I pushed down even harder, burying him all the way into my throat and I swallowed, and kept swallowing.

Im looking some good head

She looked up at me with this really sluttish grin on her lovely face that made me giggle. To my increasing amazement Donna started moving on lookijg off his now-slick erection as she actually fucked him in and out of her throat. I wanted to run out of the room and involuntarily screeched, "Hey wait a minute!