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By air : Hong Kong International is an award-winning airportwhich has been acclaimed for many of its services, including dining, service and most visitors in some years.

Everything is state of the art ; moreover, it is really easy to access the rest of the hong kong casual dating through transportation options which originate from the airport.

Landing in Hong Kong is always exciting, and the view is breath-taking. It sits on its won island which has to be traversed before you can get to Hong Kong proper.

By bus : The bus system is really good. Unlike most other regions in China, it has instructions in English and Chinese. You will hardly ever get lost and it's a cheap way to get around.

Moreover, should you feel the need to go somewhere at night, the bus system best opening for apps be fully operational. By car : Hong kong casual dating are a good way to get around; however, you should opt for the bus if you want to save a bit of cash. Also, Uber is generally better than the taxis. It is slightly cheaper and you don't pick up the hassles that comes with the driver not understanding English.

By train : The trains are insanely good!


Hong Kong probably has the best metro system in the world, as its high-speed trains carry passengers at miles per hour to and from their destinations. The train stations themselves are great places; you can go shopping, meet cute girls and find interesting stores to pass the time. Moreover, you can get to China in no time for a day trip. By boat : Boat trips are not used for everyday transport. Rather, they are a pastime of you have a bit of hong kong casual dating and free time to expend.

Choose between luxury tours, yachting and cruises along the islands. It'll cost you a fair penny, though. Visas : Most Western countries, including the UK, members of the EU and citizens of all nations in North Free networking sites dating are allowed visa-free access for at least 30 days.

Citizens of other nations best check Hong Kong's requirements for the specific country of origin Almost all countries, bar war and terrorism stricken regions, are generally allowed in for at least 30 days without a visa.

Hong Kong is a thriving commercial environment and professionals are pretty much guaranteed a job if they can operate in anything connected to the finance industry. Hong kong casual dating, lawyers, accountants, bankers and business administrators are all in high demand.

Computer and data engineers are also likely to command a good wage, as the digital age continues to advance at a rapid pace. Unlike the rest of Asia, most people have a good command of English - at least enough to understand what is going on. Thus, the usual path of English teaching is not as lucrative, hong kong casual dating, as the positions are often filled by English-speaking Asians. The expenses of the city - particularly accommodation - males a low-entry job difficult to live on.

SO waitering and such does not fare too well. As a result, you will need a trade or profession of some sort in order to survive for any longer than a trip you have saved for. There will always be a good connection for any expat, as the facilities in Hong Kong are world class.

Moreover, the internet speeds are faster than most other cities in the world — cheap, too.

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As a result, you simply need to go to any cellular provider store at the airport. Do this as soon as you land to ensure that you are connected.

Pick a sim card from one of the leading brands. Once you buy a sim, load some money onto hong kong casual dating card and purchase enough data to keep you connected.

Gambling is legal in Hong Kong. It also has a long tradition, as the local Cantonese people have enjoyed a few choice gambling and betting games for centuries. While the domestic gaming endeavours may be small, they are fun. You can find some of these games in bars around. However, in bars, they are not exactly legal, so you are required to get to know the gamblers before they invite you to join. Casinos are fun and over the top.

You can spend quite a bit of money hong kong casual dating these venues — gambling aside. The owners ensure that everyone who enters the premises has access to entertainment, which includes amazing restaurants and all sorts of attractions to keep an entire family entertained. The islands which make up the city of Hong Kong were once the cornerstones of the Chinese drug industry, for they acted as a middle ground for drug smugglers who sought to get their merchandise into China.

It's Tough Dating in Hong Kong

While the drug industry has been curbed to a great extent, there are still triads who control the modern supply of drugs into the city. Every type of recreational drug is illegal. The best place to buy drugs would be in the clubbing regions, such as Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui, but they should probably be avoided.

They are expensive, and the effective drug unit, which holds a tight grip on the city, are famous for their undercover raids. If caught in possession, expats should expect a hefty fine and immediate deportation. Rather avoid drugs in the city of Hong Kong, as the chances of getting caught hong kong casual dating a tad too high for comfort.


The fitness industry is a fairly large one, which means that there are a lot of regularly-attended gym chains across the city. There are a few girls at these gyms, so you could always keep your eye out for someone who strikes your fancy. Moreover, the more upmarket your gym of choice is, the better-looking the girls are likely to be. This is because Hong Kong's wealthier socio-economic segments generally have prettier girls.

Most of the brands are American, so hong kong casual dating the following list of gyms:.

The Best of Hong Kong

Massage parlours are fronts for sexual jobs which are done by the women who provide the services. Prostitution is illegal, but only if it is organized, essentially outlawing brothels only. Aan0134 y. I am Aries, cm 5' 2''53 kg lbs. Adventurous, i love to be in sports. Eeegs49 y. I am Sagittarius, cm 5' 10''90 kg lbs. Intelligent, humorous, relaxed and balanced with intention of positive approach to life and enjoying company of positive lady.

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Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the dating apps in Hong Kong for people who are looking for matches with similar interests. Suited for open-minded couples and singles, Feeld facilitates cam dating between people who are interested in polyamory, kinks, threesomes and other alternative sexual experience.

Hong kong casual dating for: Kinky minds who want a three way and even more. As one of most well-known dating apps for queer women, Her is the oasis for non-heterosexual online dating. By liking pictures of women of your interest, the other person will get notified and can start a conversation with you if she likes you back. Cons: The app has a feature that tells users whether their matches are listed as being in a relationship or married on Facebook.

Pro or con? This dating app is exclusively catered to those looking to set up threesomes, or group sex with three or more people. Just like Tinder, on 3nder you can opt to swipe your selections, but the difference is you can actively search up to four couples of five singles at the same time, aged between 18 to 70, of all genders and sexual orientations.

Pros: The app is super flexible, covering all bases for those who are looking for a menage a trois. How much does true love cost, hong kong casual dating, really?

A dating app aimed at gay men, Scruff offers a huge pool of guys to choose from — you can check out users from around the world right down to their exact address.

Pros: Scruff is location-specific, which means finding someone nearby — even right down to the same building — is a breeze. Cons: The app seems to be focused on hookups rather than hong kong casual dating relationships.

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