Does dating an ex convict work

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Aug 28, Most of the ex cons I know that have legitimate middle to upper middle class income do not date hood chicks or chicks with criminal records because they need her to be clear to qualify for housing. Yee'aint never had no prison bae dack OP? He is successful in his line of work, I have a good job and 2 children. Does dating an ex convict work [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) GUPSHUP CORNER ISLAMABAD CHAT ROOM

I would date an ex-con. He would just have to be super spectacular. Nope there are enough women who will but it wont be me. I know imma get dragged, but it depends. We all have a past. I've seen it, done it, got the tshirts. Drugs, attempted murder, battery, arson, trespassing, blackmail etc. I had a crazy life before I got saved.

I've just never been arrested. Does that make me better?


Smarter, but not better. People grow. People evolve. Was this political? Was he defending his home? Was he defending a woman in his family? Was this a bs charge? Crazy things happen, so I'd be inclined to hear him out before I automatically say No. Date no, smash yes love me dem bad boyz.

Would you ever date an EX CONVICT? Or is that a NO NO?

I'm surprised by the comments, but I guess does dating an ex convict work comforting to know I can commit crimes and still be considered an eligible bachelor. Thanks x 6. Yee'aint never had no prison bae dack OP? Because I feel like that and the idea that you can "save" them are the biggest driving factors.

Not having the ability to do these things would certainly make one life HARD no doubt about it. Having said that these aren't even the biggest reasons I would never over 70 dating a felon. The biggest reason I would never date a felon is because it would almost certainly mean dealing with a person who have a disregard for the "rule of law".

It most likely mean dealing with a person who have no regards for other people. It would mean dealing with someone who likely is willing to hurt or even kill someone. And while a lot of dumb girls out there might consider such a person a "strong" individual obviously I know better.

Advice For Women In Relationships With Convicted Felons

Obviously this is the type of person "sane" folks want to stay far away from. Aug 30, Mar 14, Thug D isn't worth it ladies! For the many women who won't date ex-cons or men who are still in prison, there are many women who will. These fools never had a shortage when it came to women who will look their way twice. It's some that have truly learned their lesson and move on to do good things but I feel does dating an ex convict work are the minority. It seems like a lot of them just don't learn.

Last edited: Mar 14, One simple answer MOST if not all were created to further penalize and immobilize mostly black, poor men. IF the penal system was truly rehabilitative, those "laws" would not be in place.

Let's Talk Discusses Dating a Person with a Criminal History

Jail is supposed to make a person think about and regret and repent of their wayward behavior. Instead it's a death sentence for even the lowest level of crimes. White men commit "white collar" crimes and these "laws" do not apply to them. A black man can sell an ounce of weed and his whole life is over. That is unacceptable on many, many levels. I know there are harden criminals who are repeat offenders But to say if you make one mistake your life does dating an ex convict work over And it perpetuates that the offender will offend again once he's "free" because what else can he do to earn a living?

Having said that, I would date an ex-con depending on what his crime was, how long ago, what he's doing with his life now, etc.

I don't think it's fair to continue to punish someone for life for one mistake. SO he'd be like every other man I met, see what he's about, where he's going and if we're a good fit or not.

For instance if your partner was jailed for DUI, then avoid venues where alcohol is free-flowing or if your partner was arrested for illegal gambling then stay away from casinos. Skip to main content. Main menu Home. You are here Home. Specialized Dating. Log in to post comments Printer-friendly version. Join us Careers Get in touch Write for us. I just don't want to hear of any one suffering through the heart and pain I experienced.

Originally Posted by Oterom. Last edited by soleharmony; at PM. That right there is most likely does dating an ex convict work reason why he said that stuff and broke up with you. You never know what teenage online dating statistics man has going on the inside of hima nd how he is feeling.

He has spent most of his life in jail and prison and he had a certain routine he had to live by and he probably didn't have a woman he had to worry about. He was only responsible for himself. Now he met you and you have a kid in the mix and that's something NEW for him. It's most likely overwhelming for him also.

Just give him his space and if it is meant to be between you two then y'all be together in the end. If you two are meant to be together then you will. Men that have been in and out of the system learn in order for them to stay focused, happy and out of trouble.


The best thing for them to do is stay clear of anyone who causes them stress or drama. I feel like if you really love someone you'll try to work out your issues. If he's unwilling too then that's a problem. Over the years I've sat and listened to my man's ex girls calling and texting repeatedly trying to get back with him. Although he is nice to them he has no intention of going back because he can't have that in his life anymore, drama is a trigger. He broke up with them for the same reasons, drama.

Does dating an ex convict work [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)