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Reddit users were quick to point out the similarities between "Hang the DJ" and Juliet. Read More. And it's not just men, women do shit like that too. I'm a girl, no idea. On Staying Strong Through Tougher Moments In one thread , a Redditor who had been married for more than a decade and described the intense hardships she and her husband have been through, offered up this nice tactic for staying strong during tough moments. Dating a big girl reddit [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The best way to have a good spouse is to be one. On Looking Inward Problems in a relationship are rarely one-sided. On Comfort Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and figuring out relationship tactics that work best for you is a big part of marriage. A now-deleted Redditor offered some excellent advice to this point when it comes to comforting their spouse. This has saved me from saying the wrong thing so many times.


On Surviving the Long Haul What does it take to stay married for the long haul? I've spent the past decade working for online news organizations and newspapers.

8 Surprisingly Great Pieces of Marriage Advice Shared on Reddit

I write about the intersection of 4chan, Reddit, and the real world. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. In theory, we date to find a relationship we want to stick with.


The advice here is given by and geared towards female-identified people, of course, but much of the advice is pretty applicable to everyone. Always listen to your feelings about someone. In the past year when I was online dating, I wanted to give everyone a chance.

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What it comes down to—much like you'll find with lots of things in life—is having the courage to initiate that first move, and triumphing over whatever that little voice in your head that's holding you back. You can do it. Men having been doing it for millennia. So if you haven't worked up the nerve to approach that woman in the bar, in your class, or where ever you're at, it isn't too late.

Just take a look at the fellas who did just that. In the last 24 hours, this thread has been anything but downvoted, as its attracted and counting upvotes. So, what gives, Reddit? One of the main themes in responses is pretty heavy on the stereotypes: guys on Reddit are lonely virgins who don't date dating a big girl reddit.

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A lot of guys on reddit are bitter because they view women as having an easier time in areas redditors tend to struggle in. They think girls just have to stand there and they will have a line of perfect guys come running. Another user, in addition to citing the angry, girlfriend-less guy exampleargued that it's just okay to be sexist:.

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My second guess is that it's still acceptable to be sexist in society. Accuse someone of being racist, and people take that seriously. Few will blink an eye, no matter how bad it is.

Dating a big girl reddit [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)