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Other Pages: Galleries, Links etc. The badges you are looking for are out there somewhere. As this increased to five digits and more it was impressed around the top of the circle. Aa badge dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Industrial or commercial vehicle section badge, brass with red background, to around Industrial or commercial vehicle section badge, around to It was made in chrome with an attractive basket-weave design. Chromium motor cycle badge, first issued in and replaced around Small car radiator badge, from to In the shape was made more compact with a convex dome, and this design lasted until The dome badge was replaced in with a large chrome and yellow rectangular plaque, which is aa badge dating in use today.

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From to now Read aa badge dating about the history of the AA. The AA in photos From black and white to yellow. AA badge numbering system Ask and give advice here. Grandmas sit in chairs and reminisce Boys keep chasing girls to get a kiss The cars keep going faster all the time Bums still cry, "Hey buddy, have you got a dime? Would you have a breakdown of when the different styles of badges were used?

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The first AA patrolmen had no uniforms and just basic pedal cycles, and only worked on weekends, indicating dangers on the road and helping motorists who had broken down. Uniforms were only issued from It is likely that the first two of three hundred badges were made only in brass. Generally because they are of a very early issue, limited in issue for a short period, a small or unique unit and of course they were not popular, so not saved by soldiers as a matter of course like they may have done with brass or other metal badges.

They were not popular by Battalions and Regiments who often directed posted in recruits to exchange them in favour of brass etc - we all know the stories one of the more well known being that of the Loyal Regiment in tudor drown. An example went for several aa badge dating of pounds in auction a year or two ago.


There are of course rarer and more expensive Regts, but you just may see one of these lurking in a tin of rubbish one day!

Regards all Bess. Originally Posted by bess Sussex - error. Been reading this thread with interest, and if you'll excuse me getting on my high horse for a moment I'll probably fall off as an ex-infantryman What staybrite badges are worth getting? The ones you need for your collection! Give some of us a chance rather than hoarding the scarce ones and making aa badge dating more money for the providers at the over-priced end of the market due to even greater 'scarcity' no names, no packdrill.

Oops, I just fell off. Hi, Staffs Yeoman, With the possible exception of a handful of dodgy 'dealers', I think there are very few 'hoarders' out there.


The issues are rather that there are so few genuinely old AA badges and the fact that the few folks who comprise the AA collection market-place are marginally more than the items for sale within it can satisfy. In other words, too many collecors, not enough badges. Prices aa badge dating rare AA badges have been high for a very long time - at least fifteen years, though some of us haven't always known what we aa badge dating getting for our money.

Until recently it has been very difficult to spot a fake AA badge. I personally have spent many hundreds of pounds buying copies, fakes and rubbish from unscrupulous people, who are accepted as part of our 'community', even though they peddle trash at high prices.

Collection of vintage AA Badges for sale on Ebay uk Aa badge dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)