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I had to call in February. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! Please if anyone out there has received any correspondence please reply. During my first year of use with TracFone, it was beneficial due to my low call volume, few text messages, and non-existent use. Tracfone chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Upon discovering my zero balances, called Tracfone, CS told me phone was deactivated! By who, I asked Asked to have reactivated and minutes restored, they said, "Hold on. I have to check with another dept who has the authority to do that. They absolutely will not reinstate my minutes. How is this legal to take away my prepaid services?!!

I've been a TracFone customer for over ten years now; and all is good as long as you keep buying into their plans. But if you need to make changes or add another phone, tracfone chat room in my case, you shall suffer. Any changes is asking for trouble I have spent, literally, over an hour on finding love status phone with their supervisors or managers, no less I'll make this review short.

I can hardly understand what they're saying. They have screwed up my account all tracfone chat room the time and it takes much convincing and arguing on my part to straighten things out But this time they have gone too far. They have overturned my much cherished phone number and replaced it with a strange number that I never asked for. And it's taking them hours, until this very moment, and they still cannot correct their mistake.

They are liars and have hung up on me again and again. They will sell you stuff and then offer you the service. What fools we are! They dare to keep you waiting and waiting and then hang up on you!

I hate them. But I digress. Please, good folks, don't be fooled by Tracfone. Find something better or suffer. I went in last night to purchase a 1 year plan, and immediately was notified that changes were being made at TracFone and I would have to purchase a new phone!!

I am happy with my phone and the phones they currently are offering don't appear to be any better than my current. I have 4G service, and when I asked what update was taking place that required a new purchase, they wouldn't tell me specifically. Just "sorry for your inconvenience". How about giving me a free phone if you're really sorry? I don't have any issues with my phone.

Maybe they don't make enough money off of us tracfone chat room users, so now we will have to buy a new phone every 2 years.

TracFone representatives either will say anything to get you to purchase or they are simply incompetent. I was forced to update my phone because of their network. After conferring with their customer support, I selected an iphone being assured that the double minute plan I'd paid for would transfer to the new phone. It did not! I attempted to buy minutes and was told that as a new smart phone user, tracfone chat room, the minutes would triple. They did not. Supervisors simply told me that these plans didn't transfer to the phone I selected.

The fact that Tracfone chat room selected the phone based on their customer service representatives assurances mean nothing. All this is exacerbated by reps who speak heavily accented English over dreadful connections. Stay away from this company. You can't believe anything their reps tell you no matter how pleasant they sound. Don't buy this bully phone company.

You think their 1 year plan is great. NO it isn't. Once they figure out who you calling the most or you answer to whom the most. They will start to making your phone automatically disconnect from it. So shame on them, and don't expect a renew from me. Also, I highly recommend move away from this lying company. I even have a record to proof it. Just don't use it to spam my calls. But that's the best I can do to back up my experiences.

Tracfone chat room jerk company. It offers 1, minutes, 1, texts and 1, MB of data. Noted above this information is "3X airtime for your phone". There isn't even an asterisk directing consumers to more information about exceptions. I spoke to an agent prior to purchasing this plan and he never mentioned my phones did not qualify. The manager wasn't helpful at all. This is clearly a scam. I have with TracFone for years, I still have a dating website self summary that gets triple minutes.

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I bought 2 phones online, neither would make a call. I worked with people at TracFone for 2 hours trying to get them to work. They told me to send them back. I did at my cost.

It's been over a month now. I have no phone, no money and am on the phone again with them now trying to get something done. I'm on hold again for the third time to get a supervisor which I asked for in the first place, on hold again didn't get a supervisor but they're going to get one now. Finally got a supervisor. She said they sent me a refund last month. I and my bank don't see one in my account.

I guess I'll call back again. Don't buy TracFone. Service sucks. The phone came and after two days three hours each on the phone they said, "Sorry send your phone back. It is defective. After all I had been through I was really upset. So they said sorry again and sent another phone reconditioned 90 day warranty. I couldn't win. TracFone does not treat prople fair. They lost records to the phone that was inactive and I lost two thirds of my time text and data.

I had purchased a year card but had a lot of existing time data and text. I even talked to corporate offices. I might as tracfone chat room saved my breath. No manual lost time text and data and one tech even screamed at me on the phone during these transactions. My advice chose TracFone at your on risk.

Ask lots of questions tracfone chat room you make a purchase. Find out their policies on everything. As for me I am no longer a customer. Unhappy and cheated. However, I would like to caution user who may tracfone chat room a bit more out of their cell phone.

I have been a Tracfone user for many years and have recently been one who wanted a little more out of their offered services. I have been travelling internationally and Tracfone does not offer any sort of international roaming plans. This the voulez vous be OK, but there is another catch.

The phone is locked and they are unwilling or unable to unlock the phone. They claim that this is some government regulation but whether that is the case or not, I wish that I would have just purchased an unlocked phone on my own and then had it activated through Tracfone. At least this way, when I travel outside the country, I would have the option to simply purchase a local international SIM card and then have a means to use my phone while on travel.

There are many places to buy unlocked phone — My recommendation is to buy a phone on your own and then if you're interested in activating it with Tracfone — do so separately.

I now have 4 other older phones that were all purchased through Tracfone. They claimed that they cannot unlock them either being that they are tracfone chat room too old. Sounds like a catch to me. I guess I will be in the market for a cheap travel phone on my own to use internationally.

Live and learn!


I hope this helps some of you avoid the issues that I have experienced. I have been a TracFone customer best chicago chat rooms several years now and from my perspective, TracFone is only worth it for a select few people. During my first year of use with TracFone, it was beneficial due to my low call volume, few text messages, and non-existent use.

Once I transitioned into using my phone a lot more due to more friends, more traveling, a long distance relationship, and more responsibilities it became an expensive and time-consuming.

Combine that with a data connection that would drop tracfone chat room times on my minute commute and having to wait anywhere from hours for any data or minutes I bought to actually show up on my phone I would say that if you text, call, and use data more than a few times a day this service is not for you.

I spent several hours on chat and phone trying to activate the service with credit card. We've tried a couple of credit and debit cards but this company can't charge from European cards. My suspicion is that they don't know about 3Dsecure but not everyone is using women dating site security so probably more problems on the TracFone side. Voice and SMS without problems but no data.

I spent several hours tracfone chat room chat with another dumb operator. They are still asking irrelevant questions and ignoring all the facts. I was telling this for a dozen times and telling his number also but operator was still asking me if I have 3G or LTE enabled, if my phone is unlocked, etc.

After next several hours I've decided to come tracfone chat room some solution not TracFoneI've asked to move my service to another card but T-Mobile compatible. After that data has been accessible in a second. Yes I have exsperiance all the set backs. I aplied for the law suite refund. I'm pretty sure he got ripped off for quite a bit more!! A customer tracfone chat room the period of present gives you the option to file a claim.

I hope I can get some money out of the false claim of Unlimited that was really Limited via Data. Liars and Cheaters of business things should always be handled like this because the truth needs to be known and if they lie they should pay for it.

I cannot stand their Straight Talk service. Unlimited should mean unlimited at the higher speed. They're deceptive, and their customer service is nonexistent. Slowdown of speed for any reason is abhorred.

I haven't heard back from parent company ERD Management, except a non responsive auto reply. I wont be happy until Tracfone Wireless Inc Straight Talk and Walmart are prosecuted with criminal charges and both businesses are shut down completely and thrown in jail. They shouldnt be allowed to do business at all. These businesses are running and using money that has been stolen from consumers.

I made more complaints. I ran a sales corporation which required me to live on the tracfone chat room and do all business on my phone. Well unbeknownst to me, my calls were getting dropped due to data restrictions and also couldn't access important company emails due to the deceptive and evil practices of straight talk. I eventually lost customers and finally my business closed due to this blatant lie about "unlimited" service!

All this caused my to lose my home in Malibu due to lack of income. My wife then left me and now I sit here writing this on an welfare phone while sitting in the van I live in behind the local landfill. Thanks for single handedly destroying me straight talk. I've been with this company for Two Years and since my first month I recieved text messages stating I used up all my data for the service period and my data will be slow for the remainder of the service period.

I find this to be a scam and unfair to all of the people that do business with this company. I got straight talk in and paid for the whole year at once, tracfone chat room.

I used it for streaming Netflix when I was in the car line picking up my kids and got throttled down 2 weeks into the year. Called and was told that at the end of my billing cycle it would go back up. My billing cycle was a year long so I went pretty much a year with throttled down Internet. I couldn't even pull pu Tracfone chat room Went month to month after that and am still throttled down 2 weeks into my month every month. At least this way I will have all the 4g data I need instead of 3G on my iPhone.


I'm tired paying for service and not getting it. I can't get the data that I'm paying for. Does anybody tracfone chat room anything about the settlement on straight talk. They gave me a claim and never heard back from anybody.

When do we get our money we should not have to wait to long that's not right the custermer should come first. Well i had straight talk and it tracfone chat room worked. Then i went boost and they are worst my service is throttle in two weeks of service my phone just freeze and stop working. I wouldn't mind Straight Talk's throttling if their advertised speeds were accurate, but they're not even close.

After throttling, I usually experienced kbps, virtually useless. I complained but got only menu boilerplate from "customer service. We switched to Tracphone about a year ago and got our first smart phones. We pay as we go and have a ton of texting and internet minutes we haven't used. I think really at this point the need for mobile internet is over rated since the service is not so great and the costs are high.

We have problems getting our calls too and it is not because of the number of bars showing. All sorts of games at play with these companies. They are very sleazy. I am seriously thinking about just going back to regular phones. Just plan ahead about where we need to go and avoid the need for any navigation like we did for almost 60 yrs, tracfone chat room.

Use a Thomas Map book instead. If I want to go online I can do that from home with much less hassle. The size of these phones, the crappy interfaces tracfone chat room have I just think it is way over rated for what you get. Plus we have to deal with Google's constant wanting to add tons of app updates for apps we don't use.

I feel like the whole industry just push push pushes us to buy into this crappy excuse for mobile internet. I think if more folks tracfone chat room said Enough Is Enough to the industry they would change their tune. It is way over priced and we pay the most compared to much small nations with slower speeds too!

We are the biggest chumps for these companies and not much critical thinking takes place with any of this. Whatever the market can tracfone chat room and we bare a whole lot. How can anyone justify paying over I gave up on the FCC actually doing anything for consumers. Not a darn thing legit russian brides improved. So it makes you wonder what the telecom companies have on the NSA and others?

Must be big and bad. I lived without a smart phone for almost 60 yrs and got along fine. I think folks need to reassess what is a need and get rid of the over priced wants tracfone chat room this is the only way these companies will feel it. No regulatory agency will do it for us. To know where the FCC priorities lie all you have to do is search the lawsuits on this site and realize the FCC is much too busy taking down the small guys and letting he bigger entities a big fat old pass on so much.

No wonder Tracfone makes a big deal about how you can't transfer your smart phone minutes to a plain old phone if you don't like the smart phone since they really want to discourage you from leaving their big money maker from smart phones. The irony with Tracfone is if you ever have to call them about an issue you end up on their crappy computer phone lines to the Philippines or elsewhere and you can barely make out what the customer service rep is saying.

A phone company who doesn't understand the importance of using good phone lines instead of cheap crappy internet service. I had straight talk for nearly 3 years I always knew something was wrong bc my speed slowed down after the first 3 days I urchased a Samsung gallexy 3 with a 45 card the added a card too keep me going nepal messenger chat room at least 4 months,the phone alone was It did however say layers were entitled to 5million in legal fees which will come out of the 40 million pay out too those who filed a claim.

Has anybody, did anybody or do you know of anybody who actually receive any compensation of any kind from this consumer fraud case?

TracFone Cell Phone Plans Review 2018 - Can TracFone Wireless Compete Today?

Tracfone chat room every person that I know uses Straight Talk, not one person did or knows of any one who was compensated tracfone chat room any was from this case. No communication what so ever.

Sorriest customer service of any company, phone, power, etc. I suggest to anyone that is thinking about doing business with TracFone to search elsewhere and forget about doing business with a company where the customer service is in Guatemala, Columbia, or the Philippines when their home office is in Miami, Florida.

On a ranking of 1 to 10, I give the company a minus I had an issue transferring prepaid service for one phone to another. Customer Service was completely unwilling to solve my issue even though it was possible that they could have. I was with Tracfone for 10 years. They sent me a letter saying I would need to upgrade my phone by the end of the year or I would lose my service. I purchased a new phone, after I had it all activated I found out the phone was defective.

They sent me a new phone. The letter that came with new phone said if my other phone was activated I wouldn't have to activate new one. Went to make a call and couldn't.

Call Tracfone and they said I would have to have a new number and pay for activation. I said I want my money back. They told me to take the phone back to where I bought it. Took the phone back to Walmart and they said they couldn't refund my money because I had a replacement phone and the serial number didn't match with the receipt. I called Tracfone several times to get my money back with no luck. The customer service is terrible and no one can speak very good English.

I no longer will do business with them. I bought a phone with a TracFone prepaid card 1 year plan of min call, text, and data included. I have used texts out of the texts. Recently, I got a message telling tracfone chat room that I have spent all the texts and it is not true; they want me to buy more texts; I called customer service requiring the records of my text usage and they TracFone rejected to send it to me.

I do not trust this company. I am a long time customer of Tracfone. This phone was defective - no sound, no ringing, and nothing could make it work. Sent a few days trying help from Tracfone and was suggested that I need chat rooms online return the phone for Tracfone to send me a tracfone chat room.

I thought I will get my replacement in a few days. On June 18, the day I am writing this I have not received the replacement.

I have chatted, called and talked over phone several times during these 3 weeks and I am yet to get any positive response. Every time I go through the same drill and get the answer that the replacement is being sent; I am supposed to get a notification within 24 hours since early June!

Even if the phone is being shipped direct from China, I should have gotten it by now. I have already paid for the service but am yet to get the phone. Here is my advice for all Tracfone users, log in to your Tracfone account often and keep records of your minutes, service end date and auto refill dates. If you haven't run into problems yet, tracfone chat room, you will at some point. You will need this information.

Service can go fine for awhile without issues. But should anything change such as updating credit card, or simply calling CS, etc. Tracfone chat room their auto refill didn't go through and cancelled your plan for no apparent reason even though their system showed the auto refill date and you were reassured tracfone chat room that everything is on schedule. Whatever the tracfone chat room may be I see this happening a lot with others and there is a running theme here, this company is unscrupulous and has unlawful practices.

I suggest black people meet horror stories consider gathering their similar experiences and join a class action lawsuit, We cannot be taken advantage of, then simply say we'll tracfone chat room plans, with all the money and time invested, along with complete and frustration at receiving no real assistance from corporate.

It's unacceptable. I used to regularly get good signal in higher population areas but this has changed as well. Now I pretty much have to connect to the internet with WiFi and use an Internet app to make calls. Use another company if possible I would never use them again! They cancelled my existing contract when they reinstated my original phone number then made me buy a second contract to retrieve the original minutes that they should never have deleted.

I have had a one of their phones for a couple of years now. I bought it with the triple plan. I have the apps that keep up with your minutes-data-text and they also send you messages to purchase minutes - plans and the app has the minute-text-data plans that they supply with the pricing.

When you check out, it doesn't give you what you pay for. I called customer service the first time about it and they wouldn't refund it.

I just purchase enough to keep the phone active for back up usage. I only did the 30 minutes plan that their app shows. It doesn't give you any of that. The only thing you get is 30 minutes and 30 days. The next month I renewed again. I bought the It cheats you out of those also. It only gives you the basic 60 minutes and 90 days. The only reason I kept it was for the phone and a back up. Now they won't even do the right thing and give their customers what they pay for.

They told me it was a "glitch" that they "smart phones can't get those benefits". What kind of mess is that? You sold it to me. You let me check out. You are instructing your online people to steal from customers something that we bought in good faith and then when we call you on it, you refuse to give us our lousy minutes, text and data and put us through this? I even told them I was going to do it and they don't even care.

These companies don't care how they treat people these days. They just steal from consumers and then refuse to do the right thing because they know that there's little to no chance of us getting our money back without going through an act of Congress. It's consumer - seller fraud and theft. If they're doing it to me over and over, I know they're doing it to other people. My own sister says they did it to her too.

Why can't you just do the right thing when you make a mistake and give us what we pay for without us having to go through this? It's not like it's costing you anything but you are stealing from American consumers and you shouldn't get away with that. You've done it to me tracfone chat room times in 2 months. I never received the 35 dollar gift card as promised even though when I bought it it said you were supposed to activate a new line and I did it.

I Even sat on hold with them a whole hour while they said they were going to send it though the mail and they actually admited it they didnt a week later after they said they would.

They said I activated the phone too soon which does not make sense. When I nz dating app for android the phone it did not say you had to wait until a certain day to activate it.

My plan quit because the card on file had expired. No one on the chat line could tell me how to update the card.

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I tracfone chat room using another card and although the site said the transaction was approved, it gave no indication that the order had gone through. I went to the chat line and was told it might take up to an hour to go through. SIX hours later it had not gone through. Chat line person said adjustment was made and to wait till it went through. Getting very frustrated. A few years ago I gave this a good review. It is now necessary to amend it.

Free conservative dating sites many companies require users to receive a "short code" as validation. You then use that code to validate that you and the phone number are the same. After being cut out of several sites because I didn't receive that "short code" I finally discovered the truth.

TracFone does NOT support "short codes". I was required to get a new service. TracFone did not even see this as an uncomfortable problem for their customers. It was especially uncomfortable because I had just renewed my service for a year, tracfone chat room. It had to be tossed. Because the service was so awful I decided to switch phone service company. TracFone first would not give me my account number because they tracfone chat room I didn't have an account--which was a lie.

I had one day left with which to change my provider. When I went to another company they said I had to get another SIM because mine was attached to the TracFone number, even though it could be ported to another company, which turned out to be nightmare. So I decided that i would simply get another number, which meant that TracFone would have to release my number.

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