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Fliters Applied:. Size 3 3. After all, this is a man who believes there's not a pair of sneakers he can't get. Like how do you even get a brand-new shoe from ?

Obsessive Sneaker Disorder

It's crazy. Every day. I bet he wears a different pair every single day. Norman Powell of the Toronto Raptors was teammates with Tucker last season.


Recently, he shook his head in amazement after having an up-close look at Tucker's sneaker collection. Around the league, players are in awe of Tucker's sneakers. Bebe Nogueira was next to Tucker in Toronto's locker room last season and admires his former teammate's collection of Ferraris and shoes. On the court, opposing players have made sure to check what is on Tucker's feet when they check into games. One of Tucker's favorite memories came during the season, when as a member of the Phoenix Suns, he played against Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs.

Tucker doesn't remember exactly what he wore that game—although research suggests it was the Air Foamposite One "Phoenix Suns," even though Tucker thinks it was the Air Foamposite One "Galaxy,"—but he remembers Leonard's reaction clearly. Because I'm very fluid — I'm like water, times change, I adapt, and stay the same. Speaking of not putting things in a box — you've got the Boy Better Know festival this weekend, where you're taking over the O2 with a ton of different things, not just music.

We've got gaming, football, skating, roller skating And then we'll end the night with some good music. Just sneaker chat room of different shit for people who listen to us who like to sneaker chat room activities. Within Boy Better Know, we all do so much different shit.

We do stuff together, stuff individually, and we all have these different pockets that we're in. So it'll be good for everyone to see what we're like — not just on stage. Have time to be with the fans, and the supporters, and the people.


Just sneaker chat room a good day of activities. I love that word — Activities. So what activity are you specializing in? I'm good at roller skating, and I consider myself a bit of a good midfielder at soccer. And I think I'm alright on the stage as well I need the help.

Do you do tricks? I can jump things, spins, skate backwards, side surf. What actually happens when you're in the studio with Mick?

He said that he needed a rapper on one of his songs and that he wanted me on it. So he showed me the song that he wanted me to be on. And I just kept saying loads of ideas to him, and he was just sitting there, like a scientist.

'Nothing Is Unattainable': An Appreciation for P.J. Tucker, NBA Sneaker King

Very chilled, but very assertive. Very on point. Like a detective — just waiting for you to say the right thing. So I was throwing all these ideas out, and he just guided me along the way. It was a good session. And how does the creative process differ, when you're designing a shoe with an icon versus making a sneaker chat room with one?

I'm glad you made that comparison, because I was saying the other day the way that somebody is with one thing is the way they are with everything. The way that somebody rolls A roll up, say — it's the same patience, the same attention to detail, the same ability to ask people for help — that's how they do everything. So making the shoe was just like the Sneaker chat room Jagger collaboration.

These people at Nike have made so many shoes, so I'm throwing ideas out waiting for them to say yeah that will work, that won't, this will. I sneaker chat room have a kind of clear picture of how I wanted the shoe to look like in the beginning.

What was that feeling? You can't even explain it. To anyone. That feeling that you get is very personal. I went into Nike not knowing the ins and outs of making a shoe, but just knowing the magic. I said, this is all I've got guys, I've got this box of magic.

Tell me when it's right. And I'm hoping that at the end, that it looks like what I saw in my head. Texting relationships flirting when I saw it — when I saw it….

So many trainers. You just said the word, and I just pictured all my trainers in my bedroom and they're just — they're everywhere. This article was originally published by i-D UK.

15 Apps Every Sneakerhead Should Have

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Sneaker chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)