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Even though I called them immediately the same day it was delivered. Now, after having the couch for only two years I have to go and invest in another couch. One year later they will not service or replace my furniture. Rooms to go chat [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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All I can suggest this point is be careful how you deal with this company. You would think the company would have some integrity about what was done. But they never have any intentions on honoring your warranty. And would find any way to not take responsibility. A year ago I bought the Leather Dual Recliner Sofa, few months later on side of the sofa was lower than the other, right after on side stop working with the recliner process.

I have called the store, customer service was excellent and they sent a technician. Long story short they have replaced my sofa twice and I still have the same problems. Every new one is worse than the old one. Sofa is about with warranty. I did not buy the extended warranty. The lifting mark is hard to see but I saw it. The technician said I would hear back in couple weeks from RTG. He said they would either fix it or it would be turned in as Mfg Defect. Keep in mind I didn't purchase the extended warranty and the 1 yr Mfg Warranty for defectiveness was getting close.

The young lady at the care center told me nothing can be done. The technician said something at the residence caused the lifting, like a wet glass was sitting on the table.

Now how can a wet glass that may have or not been left on the table and not leave a water stain but yet was left long enough to cause lifting? Pretty table. Buy it today but don't leave anything wet on the surface of the table we buy from cheap sources and this laminate surface may start to bubble and lift. If you want to pay extra RTG can sell you an Extended Warranty, then if it happens we may or may not fix it or ask the Mfg to replace their crappy cheap furniture they Mfg and RTG has to sell an Extended Warranty on just to prevent things like this from happening.

RTG basically said I have to live rooms to go chat this piece of crap dining table because it is now out of Warranty but it never was a Mfg Defect, I caused or something in my household caused the defect.

If you are a consumer rooms to go chat this and are considering on buying from RTG, think twice because they do not stand behind what they sell unless they sell you their 3rd Party Extended Warranty and then hopefully you won't have to use it legit russian it too will be another battle to get resolved because they too will tell you it was your fault!!!!

Never ever will I buy from RTG!!!! Amazon, Wayfair and all the other Internet Furniture sources will run you out of business in a few years Bye bye RTG!!!!

I got screwed twice with them. First I bought a sofa and after 4 service calls within a 2 year period, they told me there was nothing they could do and that was with an extended warranty. We ordered a table and chairs. First delivery the base was scratched really ping pong app dating. So had to order another one.

Second delivery arrived, same problem. Finally the third delivery it was fine. The delivery drivers all 3 times were awesome. I called approx 6 times over a months time to try and get this resolved and out of all 6 calls there were 5 really rude service reps. I actually hung up on one of them because she made me so mad. Due to all my trouble and having to take off work more than once they should have given us a discount and that was never even offered.

My husband and I just moved rooms to go chat the house we built. We need another couch to fill the room. It's a big house. I picked out a couch online. Good deal. I'll make payments. My credit is My husband We make over a month.

I called the store. No help. They suggested I come in and reapply or wait for a letter to explain why I was denied. I didn't want another hard hit to my credit. I called customer care, again. Told to wait for a letter. I wouldn't recommend this company.

I had problems with this store in the past and after a few years, I decided to give them a chance again What a rooms to go chat They do NOT honor their delivery dates mature women small boobs times, a service that is paid!


What's the point to schedule delivery They come when they're pleased. Any company that values their customers would try to work out the issue, but RTG delivery department representative was very argumentative and kept repeating himself like a parrot "We promise delivery, not the schedule". So, here's the deal with this awful company - you pay for the service, they fail to provide the service and there's nothing they want to do about it nor you can do something about it.

Rooms to go chat other logistics company, if they fail to provide guaranteed service, they issue a refund. I will never buy from this company again, and I will make sure to widespread my experience. Ordered Sofa and Chair and delivery company came on a Saturday and they realized the incorrect legs were in with the chair. How does that even happen??? Asked me if I had any blocks of wood they could put it on and said CS would call me and get the right legs out to me.

I have wasted my whole day and a day off from work with no pay waiting for a delivery that never came. I purchased my sectional in March November we noticed that a few of the inseams from the cushions were coming undone. I immediately called Rooms to Go and they informed me that Rooms to go chat was out of their 1 year warranty - but no problem as I had purchased the extended warranty.

The extended warranty dept did send someone to my home to evaluate the sectional. I have purchased furniture from other companies before and have never had an issue.

Actually, this was my first time purchasing from Rooms to Go and purchasing an extended warranty, and unfortunately I learned a costly lesson - NEVER buy from Rooms to Go or the warranty. Now, after having the couch for only two years I have to go and invest in another couch. Funny, all I was asking for was for the cushion to be replaced but instead they tried to put the blame on me.

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I did try to get a refund for the extended warranty, but that was a bust as well. Please, whatever you do, look into better quality furniture companies and DO NOT buy the extended warranty! The Loft metal bunk beds squeak horribly every time my son moves.

When I contacted customer service it was a joke. A technician came out and said it's metal so it will squeak. I called back and the customer service rep said they will send someone out for a second opinion.

My wife and I went to Value City Furniture first to look at beds. We got a great deal but wanted to try Rooms to Go which was 75 yards away. When we walked in there was a salesperson who asked if he could help us. We told him why we were there and he showed us 1 bed.

At this time another woman came up and the rooms to go chat ask if rooms to go chat could help her, she said "I'll wait" he turned to us and said "Feel free to browse around " and then went to help the lady. Not once checked back on us and the other sales reps came to check on us. They were playing on their phones and chatting with each other. I will never go to Rooms to Go again.

Have to be at work at 2 so salesman said ok no problem. Well got the call for delivery 11 to 3, had to cancelled for different day again. Told time 11 to 3. Now if I want the chair I have to call work. The too late because this will be second wrong delivery time. Will Never buy anything from this company again. We purchased a sofa from this company about 1 year ago. We have no rooms to go chat, only 2 normal weight people in the household, no animals on the furniture.

I simply point that out to state that the sofa was not mistreated in any way. Within a couple months, strands on the cushions began to break. A rip formed where one strand broke at about 1 year. We flipped it over to take a look and can now see that truth about dating apps weak, soft wood was used and it was cut the wrong length so that a nail was thinly supporting the frame in one spot.

The sofa that we have had for a year now looks older and shabbier than the one we replaced that was over 10 years old. The sofa was not inexpensive. We thought we were paying more to get a better product and feel incredibly misled by this company. We always check reviews, but somehow this one got by us. Be warned. Although I have no problems with the merchandise that was delivered, the drivers were very unprofessional.

In-store Customer Experience Online.

Prior to the delivery I made sure to close off access to my bedroom and bathroom. Once the drivers arrived I wanted to be helpful by holding the front door open as they carried up my furniture.

Well, while I was downstairs at the front door keeping watch of the other furniture that was left unattended in the driveway one of the drivers entered my bedroom went to my bathroom relieved himself and left the evidence in the toilet for me to discover hours later.

I'm extremely pissed off and I feel that my privacy has been violated. My purse, keys, mail and other valuable and private information was in there which is why the doors were closed. I'm sure the reason why the toilet had not been flushed is because I would have rooms to go chat that someone had gone in my room.

Had I been asked if he could use my bathroom I might have said "yes", but someone took it upon themselves to do what the hell they wanted to do in my home and I very very unhappy.

We spent close to 6k on new furniture for our new home from Rooms To Go. I must say the quality of their furniture is poor. As soon as they set up the dresser, a deep scratch appear. The couch did not fit, they refused to take it back. Order pillow they change the ottoman option. Movers damage my front door, no call backs or reply from claims dept over two months later.

Customer service is terrible! Never again would I purchase furn. I bought a sofa 13 months ago and the fabric pills all the time. Before I bought the sofa I asked the sales rep how the fabric wore free jewish dating sites us if customers had a problem with the sofa. The sales rep said no. I bought a extended warranty and it only covers stains. The fabric looks very worn for a couch being a little over a year old.

I'm still paying on a sofa that I will have to replace very soon. The person they sent to inspect the couch said to take a clothes shaver to my couch. I explained to him that it pills every time someone sits on it.

He said there was nothing he could do about it. Customer service was extremely rude and said that's normal wear. Normal wear for them is a couch that looks worn out before a customer is even finished paying for it. Rooms to Go must have a company wide policy for their employees to lie to and cheat rooms to go chat their customers.

Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. To rooms to go chat why, sign up below! But why is your site now blocked? Is it the policy of Rooms to Go to not accept online purchases from out of the country? I reside in the Cayman Islands but I have a freight forwarder through my company and all my purchases are delivered in the US with no issues!

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Rooms to go chat [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)