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But politicians seem to be recognizing where their party is now, in ways that Trump had a better sense of in than they did. Especially for officials up for re-election in in swing states who have to worry about the general election as well as the primary? But it may not be a blowout! Parties are always changing, so a lot of influence is actually blocking what others are trying to do to change the party.

Presidents who have bad midterms — Ronald Reagan in and George W. Bush in — still influence their parties. But maybe not as much as if a bunch of candidates like them had entered Congress and stayed for 40 years. Especially a good bipartisan snark. I could see impeachment being a mess politically for Republicans OR for Democrats, depending on public perceptions of its legitimacy.


Whether Trump could get Republican politicians to really bend on policy instead of passing the sort of stuff they probably would have tried under President Rubio or something. That seems to keep moving him away from moderation.

Particularly on the media side.


The more hawkish Trump decisions in areas like Afghanistan and Syria are what tick off the Steve Bannon true-believer types, because republican chat rooms the supposed nefarious influence of the neocons in the National Security Council. But there are also gradations here i. But I could be tooootally wrong about that. Moderator: massadvj. Last post by TomSea in Mueller knew Obama spied Coming soon, GOPBR exclusive reporting and opportunities for key members to become part of the media.

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Does The GOP Belong To Trump?

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Republican chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)