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Spectrum perform mainly in theatres and big live clubs in Italy. No autographs, no selfies, just a simple smile and hello. On Record Store Day we invited people to come over for a free drink and to enjoy beautiful spring Saturday together. BD: How did you both meet? Pink floyd chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

But this front room became a Floyd Room, pink floyd chat room the name. BP: We started renting the rooms as short term rentals in Last summer we decided it was time to renovate it completely and at that point we started to think about this Pink Floyd-inspired idea we had in mind for years. But you never know. I think Scott Page would be a good contender - he pink floyd chat room follows us on Instagram laughs. It would be amazing to see Guy Pratt here, especially with his comedy show!

You have to admire his musical mastery but at the same time I find it incredible that a man who worked with some of the biggest names on the planet remained such an ordinary person and with both feet on the ground.

Amazing man. BD: Croatia is, according to a reference on Wikipedia, one of the top 20 most popular tourism destinations in the world: do you find yourself hosting tourists that are not familiar with Pink Floyd? BP: Yes, definitely! Everybody is welcome. This basically means that everybody will become a Pink Floyd fan at some point in life. That was also the main task and a tough one, I have to admit — to make Floyd Room a place that real fans can enjoy in full sense but also to make it comfortable for people who are not familiar with the band at all.

BP: Luckily, Zagreb is a rather small town for a capital, and since Floyd Room is located in the wider centre, we are very well connected to all the venues, from big sport arenas and stadiums dating a vietnamese man small clubs and bars.

Pink floyd chat room Do you visit with guests when they stay at your hotel - especially those that are definitely Pink Floyd fans? Floyd Room is basically a private accommodation but since we designed the front room as a lounge filled with Pink Floyd-related items it became a shared space where people not necessarily guests can meet, listen to the LPs together, have a free drink and chat, play guitar, read books and magazines, or simply hang out.

On Record Store Day we invited people to come over for a free drink and to enjoy beautiful spring Saturday together. A few weeks later there was a cinema screening of The Wall so we bought a few tickets and then gave them away through our social media.

Last week a few people dropped by and bts jungkook and v dating spontaneously ended up with our guests in the garden discussing music and watching football.

And something we are so looking forward to is a Pink Floyd Quiz that we are preparing here for when people get back from holidays! BD: There is a lot of artwork in your hotel that makes reference to Pink Floyd: who made a lot of this artwork? BP: We made it ourselves, for the most part. We really put a lot of thought into it. Most of the things are either pieces we made ourselves or rearranged in different ways to fit the concept.

But, also, for the sake of the guests who are not into it, we tried to keep everything as subtle as we could. The one that we are most proud of pink floyd chat room the Mr. Screen replica. It was quite a journey to put all the pieces together and to make it work — but we made it, with a little help from our dear friends! We have four wall clocks showing the local times in Montreal, Cambridge, Pompeii, and Baikonur. Most fans will know why! On the shelves there are two wooden mannequins shaking hands and one of them was burned on our gas cooker!

Next to them is a cigar, a little gong, a mini axe, a few prisms, a sand clock, Pink Floyd playing cards, two metal spheres one standing on top of the othera little cow, and a flying pig figurine. Below the circular screen is a turntable with LPs and more than fifty books on Pink Floyd. There is also a black acoustic guitar with colored strings and a guitar pick-shaped coffee table, pink floyd chat room.

Opposite to the screen is a projector from the sixties which is very similar to the one band was using in the early days. The Collection of Great Dance Songs is a great example. The idea is hilarious and the cover is even better, pink floyd chat room of my favorites.

We also designed a kid corner so they can enjoy Pink Floyd in a way too. We used original audio cassette boxes to make pen containers and kids really love them! We also have a big collection of Pink Floyd prints, posters, and postcards that we collected over the years.

Bath Time With Pink Floyd and YUNGBLUD? - The LP Spree

We were buying them mostly on our travels some of them at Victoria and Albert last year, during the Pink Floyd exhibition and we are very fond of them. Since we wanted to make it as subtle as we could, very few of those ended up on the walls and we chose only the ones based on Hipgnosis iconography. BP: I play guitar and I used to play in bands. BP: We were next to them in public on a couple of occasions Nick Mason at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Roger Waters on the street in Veronabut there was one short warm moment, some might say, that was rather special: in David Gilmour and his band played in Pula, a beautiful town on the Croatian coast and that was the very first concert on the Pink floyd chat room That Lock tour.

The day before the show I was already there with my dating a south indian man and kids. In the afternoon I took a walk on my own to this magnificent Roman amphitheatre and noticed some activity in there. When I looked over the fence, I saw Mr.

Screen in full swing and Phil Taylor, onstage, setting up the gear. I trembled because I knew that everybody else was there for sure. A few minutes later I saw an elderly couple walking inside the ruins and realized the amphitheatre was open to the public like on any other day. Amazingly, half an hour later I had the privilege to watch the whole sound check, which lasted for an hour or so, standing in front of the stage.

At some point David left the stage and suddenly appeared, alongside Polly, in front of me on his way to the mixing desk. And there you are, in the middle of a glorious Roman Amphitheatre on the beautiful late summer evening, standing in front of your hero. We simply said hello and smiled to each other and they continued walking slowly to the mixing desk. A personal homepage of Thomas C. From Earls Court. The second time "The Wall"was performed pink floyd chat room England was for Parker s film.

Then of course the live idea was shelved. But I got some fantastic shots of the filming itself, pink floyd chat room. Check out the behind the wall shot of David playing "No Body Home". These photos will be available for sale sometime in mid Aug. Limited addition. Only copy s each. Signed and numbered. Pre orders welcome. We put the art programme together and is considered by many to be an institution, with values now appreciating nicely.

These are the REAL thing. Satisfaction Guaranteed. See spectacular landscapes, rivers and seascapes that are out of this world and come alive in the form of fantasy, beauty and imagination.

Check out; thelostdoc. FPP v3 CD available now. The original Piper color photo signed by photographer with authentication letter. Order a print now.


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