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Combination of sexy and Mexican, used to describe attractive people. These are some of the best AMAs online. What It Means: Another internet classic, IMO is the safe way to express your opinions without making it sound like you are proclaiming a universal truth. Most preferred in chat room slang [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

What It Means: MIRL is usually used as self-deprecating humor, especially when you see something online that you identify with.

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Entertainment eentertainment July 2, NSFL usually has images, videos, or content so graphic that it could leave a mental scar, whether around others or not. What It Means: Literally that. If kids want to avoid saying or doing something while their parents are around, PAW is a warning to the recipient.

What It Means: There are two ways this is used. Second, when someone says something and you want to hold them to it in the future, as proof.

What It Means: Like headdesk and facepalm, SMH is used to convey your disappointment at someone doing or saying something utterly stupid. Friday Philosophy: "There's no fear when most preferred in chat room slang are having fun. What It Means: Squad Goals is when you see a group you like, and either wish they were your group of friends, or wish your friends could rise up to their level. Here are some of the best.

This is used almost everywhere on the internet, but originated on Reddit. In fact, the TIL subreddit is one of the best places to learn cool stuff. TL;DR was invented to give a quick summary of the content. This dude brought his 36" monitor and PC tower into Starbucks and is killing some online game. Truly special.

Huge List of Texting and Online Chat Abbreviations

Beasley jeremypbeasley July 2, As technology evolves, so does the language we use on it. Add them to your street speak. Explore more about: DictionaryJargon. Your email address will not be published.

Text Abbreviations: 100+ Popular Texting Acronyms in English - SMS Language

What age is this? Are these slang words that dads need to know? I definitely agree with the sentiments of BenFrankilin-pre-death. If this trendy crap continues, we will be reduced to communicating in grunts and groans. We will become Neanderthals using electronic devices. U missed these other ones Sb-snap back Tbh-to be honest Wud-what you doing Nm-nothing much r-are y-why And way morrre:.

Top 99 Trending Internet Slang Words List - Most Common Texting Acronyms Abbreviations (PART 1)

And I must say except example 1. He had on the MOST disrespectful punkazz girl you ever saw, who sounded like she didn't know how to read [failing final consonant on most every word or phrase spoken as a single word ].

I forget her other catch phrases that made it, briefly, into the lexicon. One was something about "stepp[ing] outside," presumably to engage in fisticuffs. I'm dating sites early 2000s you can find a YouTube video on her, but do yourself a dsvor and watch one that condenses her worst attributes into 30 seconds or less, or you might be tempted to poke scissors in your eyes.

Then you won't be able to find another pair to poke in your ears. Omg thanks so much! And the other half been wondering! Again thank you so much!!!! Lmao- laughed my ass off Brb-be right back Ikr-i know right Idek-i don't even know Ideca-i don't even care anymore Pos- parents over shoulder Ngl- not gonna lie Ob-oh boy Lig- life is good now Mlis- my life it shit Tourp-take off your pants Twn-talk whilst naked Iwsun- I wanna see you naked Vcn- videochat whilst naked.

I'm 22 and I feel this has a gone a li'l too far. Now I need to mug up these along with my books?! Have u read Lord of the Rings? I didn't because it was TL;DR. This throw-away culture has taken to altering large swathes of its language every years. It makes you sound absolutely fucking stupid if not totally trashy.

The internet has allowed language to become a part of the same throw-away garbage culture that pop music has become. In fact, it seems like everything the masses of internet users touch turns to pure throw away trash within a couple years.

Since the blooming of most preferred in chat room slang internet, trash culture has blasted off, celebrities have become exponentially more trashy, and social standards have gone down the toilet.

It seems like people love to exercise their freedom Anti-war protests and groups are at all time lows, union busting is at an all time high, militarized police now patrol our streets, and total widespread surveillance has become most preferred in chat room slang place even though crime and actual dangers to everyday life had already been at all-time lows before.

Yet we don't give as hit. The language has simply reflected the reality of our society. Thanks for this tweet Twitter slang. Tweet me back Twitter slang. Trending topic Twitter slang. Voice over Internet Protocol definition.


Meaning Cross-post. A link posted to a subreddit that was already shared on a different subreddit Reddit. Did you Know? The world's first text message was sent from a computer to a cellphone by British engineer, Neil Papworth on December 03, It read: "Merry Christmas" and this single text message revolutionized the way we communicate.

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Most preferred in chat room slang [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)