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I highly, highly,highly, highly suggest avoiding this game at all costs unless you like throwing money into a bottomless hole and getting nothing for it. Online meetings gaming addicts click here. Giant money grab Boring game. Mobile strike chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Has anyone else had a similar experience playing "mobile strike"? Meffer Member. Jun 16, 6, 0 0. You spent money on Mobile Strike? LinkSlayer64 Member.

Jun 8, 1, 1 0. Do kids these days still use the term "asl" mobile strike chat room game chatrooms? Dylan Member. Jul 20, 4, 0 0. Meffer said:. You spent on Mobile Strike? Dec 4, 5, 9 You sure it's not a bot? Apr 27, 0 Mobile strike chat room try Machine Zone. Complistic Member. Apr 4, 4, 0 0. What could go wrong.

IsntChrisL Member. May 1, 3, 0 32 SoCal. I didn't sign up for pussy to be thrown at me left and right! ThreePiMatt Member. Jan 6, 6, 3 Well, I for one want to know what a Mobile Strike hookup is like. So I say you pursue this with all speed. The Wise Old Man said:. I did. And to be totally honest, more than once. I'm not proud of it and I think I may have a problem.

Well several problems at this point. Dante Member. Jun 10, 14, 0 0 San Fran. Dylan said:.

Wife hooked on Mobile Strike and LINE app all in 1mo.

Senior Lurker MS Informed. Jan 17, 0 0. The thread below describes what it feels like to be romantically involved online Skip to main content. Log in or register to post comments. Last post. September 21, - pm.

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Last mobile strike chat room 1 year 3 weeks ago. How did this happen??? She has extremely high IQ, never fail for a scam. And then this September 22, - am. Last seen: 11 hours 54 min ago. Hi Mike. Hi Mike It sounds like her addiction is every bit as damaging and out of control as gambling or heroin addiction. You need to get your own legal advice as to how to secure your money as nothing may be safe until you do, If she is breaking the law then becoming accountable for that and facing consequences may wake her up.

Thank you. September 27, - pm. Tired Husband. Last seen: 1 year 10 months ago. It isn't, unless you want to play Farmville within a war game.

It will cost you thousands to play if you wish to be competitive! This is in-app purchasing at its absolute immoral worst and should be illegal. This title contains: Language. Adult Written by MobileStrike G. July 13, Not a game at all. MS is not free. There is no point to play the free version you will get constantly owned and once you spend money your base will be outdated in one week if not sooner.

Constantly being barraged with ads from all angles during all game play, with slimy sales tactics and misleading adds, the most disgusting so-called game I have never experienced.

A true embarrassment to the whole gaming industry, EW is out only for greed and to exploit people's addictions.

Obviously masterminded quite well for the sole mobile strike chat room of making millions and millions while delivering shoddy product.

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People who play this game are either rich or just complete morons. Either way anybody who good in this game or even somewhat competitive it's not because of your skills it's because you spend the most money.

Adult Written by Monica M July 13, Or any other game by this company, Machine Zone! Game doesn't even work properly for that amount of money, and they have no interest in fixing it, plain and simple.


Save yourself the frustration and spend your money elsewhere. I love the people I have met in game, but take my advice. Find a free chat room and play Farmville.

Arnold Schwarzenegger should be ashamed to be associated with it!! Adult Written by Josh L. June 24, No kidding. Dirty little secret- top players won't admit how much they spend to be the top players- to non players. Adult Written by Rickey H. The greed from mobile strike has ruined the game I have been a player for a year. Basically who ever spends dollars that day is victorious U have to spend a week to keep up as a winner And spend thousands to play for anytime at all.

How why does he flirting with anyone spend thousands of dollars on a video game. And it feeds there greed I have never seen a team that absolutely cares only for the money and not the game or the gamers doesn't deserve our support!!!!

It's a shame cause it really is a great gagame. Adult Written by james s, mobile strike chat room. June 22, What starts out as a free game quickly turns into a huge financial drain when you realise you can only get to a certain point, and that point is NOT very far down the line. The game mechanics are not mobile strike chat room. Very buggy in parts and the graphics are often glitching.

However here is the killer flaw with the game - the packs are mindblowingly expensive If that isn't enough almost every time a new set of equipment or gear is bought out, within a month it is improved upon significantly. In fact to the point that if you don't buy the next pack you are at risk of your base being destroyed fairly easily. I spoke to many people who are spending tens of thousands of mobile strike chat room yearly and my advice is look elsewhere.

Adult Written by Daevisha B. June 15, Greedy money guzzler! Member looking for trap advise.


Account for sale. Can anyone relate? Oh I wish Trap bases be like. Felixfenix selling an account in COGE. Nerf Calculator - Mobile Strike Guide. Use this tool to calculate if your troops will be nerfed or not in Mobile Strike.

Simply enter troop and traps numbers for each tier and the tool will do the nerf calculation for you. The tool updates in realtime as you type in the numbers.

Mobile strike chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)