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ACOR offers a convenient automatic subscription feature for discussion mailing lists at www. CAN Westchester County Airport, Building 1 White Plains, NY A nationwide nonprofit program designed to give patients with cancer the use of available seats on corporate aircraft to get to and from recognized cancer treatment centers. There are two versions available: one for patients that uses simple language and contains no statistics and one for professionals that is technical, thorough, and includes citations to the scientific literature. Johns Hopkins Medicine. Also know about the causes of these cancers, symptoms, various treatment methods. John hopkins pancreatic cancer chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Smart Patients Pancreatic Cancer Community. Whipple Surgery Survivor Group Facebook page This group is open to anyone who has had a Whipple procedure, not just pancreatic cancer patients. Gear, apparel, accessories and more to show off your purple pride. Phone : Toll Free : The laboratory has defined the frequency and positions of deletions of chromosomal material, and discovered highly frequent mutational changes affecting the DPC4 gene, p16 gene, and p53 gene.

K-ras gene mutations are known to be common in pancreatic cancer.

Treatment Options for Pancreatic Cancer

Mutant K-ras genes were present in the stool samples of patients with either pancreatic cancer or the precursor lesions for the cancer. A genetic link with familial breast cancer was discovered. Their work has suggested a model for the biology of pancreatic cancer, shown at left in the Mutations and the Cell Cycle link. So, what does an individual pancreatic cancer look like when we view it with the lenses provided by the molecular genetic technology?

Basically, it's a genetic mess. But it's a mess with underlying patterns, which they are now beginning to unravel.

Spiritual issues of family members in a pancreatic cancer chat room.

You can visualize the patterns through a brief tour of the Allelotype or of the Cell Line Mutation Profiles in the links to the left. Or review the roles of individual genes and chromosomes in pancreatic cancer through their links. Pancreatic cancer was shown to be distinctively different from another well-studied gastrointestinal cancer type, colon cancer.

The establishment of a new medical research laboratory is always an exciting venture. It is gratifying to know that the participants of the Johns Hopkins Pancreatic Cancer Web chat room helped fund the creation of the lab, and this group -- now known as PanCAN are witnessing the lab's research results into pancreatic cancer.


Recently, the lab also received support from the National Pancreas Foundation see photo. There are many new challenges. With the limited funding available for pancreatic cancer research, there are few research groups studying pancreatic cancer.

Fewer still whose goal is to detect the disease early. Not only do we want to learn more about the disease; we want to help high-risk individuals detect the disease at an early asymptomatic stage, before it is too late. He also recommends books and includes inspirational patient stories.

He has links to many of the best cancer sites on the Internet. CancerLinks www. Information is provided in ten different languages. CancerNet is one of the most important information sources for cancer patients on the Net.

Johns Hopkins pancreatic cancer home page www. The site also hosts three unmoderated chat rooms for those with pancreatic cancer and their caregivers. There is also a link john hopkins pancreatic cancer chat room register for a study if more than one person in your family has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Medline Plus Health Information www. Contains information in both English and Spanish.

The Whipple Procedure - Johns Hopkins Medicine

OncoLink www. It contains general information, symptom management, psychosocial support and personal experiences, overviews of different types of cancer, responses to frequently asked questions, treatment options, and current news.


It is an excellent place to learn about many aspects of pancreatic cancer. There are definitions and information about staging, diet, and many other topics. It also provides links to other pancreatic cancer and general cancer web sites.

John hopkins pancreatic cancer chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)