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Come join us if u would like to. It does not reply to the comment. Accept Read More. Cheers, Nick. Hello everyone! Hay day chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Being able to communicate with chosen players is ok, but I want to be able to restrict it somehow. Who am I No challenges please.


Is is not going to be that way? Got all the 90 fishingmedals the The 4 new fish hay day chat room Last two And the 3 new first to finish at the first h of the update 3. Sorry, but I am another one of the "no's" - There is lots of pro's and con's, and can see both sides of the argument, but like others have already posted, adding this function would ruin what is a great family orientated game.

It's going to be a very popular request, so I am pretty certain the "no's" will lose out on this one, which will be a great loss possibly to all the youngsters who play and enjoy this game so much. What exactly would be the bonus, if any.?? It's ok jumping in with both feet saying yeah, yeah, want it, need it, etc, but have you all seen the negativity about this function in CoC. Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell]. We also play the derby with the intention to win.


Just be helpful and active. Or you can simply opt out from the derby. Currently we have 9 members. Come to Country Gang. We always help other players. Only active players! Language : englishpolish. Join my hood we have won 4 gold trophies. Someone is on all the time. We speak English, urdu, panjabi, and more! If not his hood, join Newhouse the red background with a dog. Both hoods are very friendly we help each other lot. I have been in this hood for a couple of months and it is not disappointing at hay day chat room.

We are a 3 weeks old hood with 9 members. We speak English, Hindi and Urdu. Najlepszy Polski klan szuka aktywnych graczy.

Wygrywamy derby!!! Zapraszamy Polska GanG!!!!! We are a new hood with 8 members. We speak English, Hindi, Urdu and one of the members speaks Best dating sites zoosk. Join NGOC, purple chicken and purple background, active and need more active people for derby race.

Currently average 5K point per derby round. We are a new hood with 5 members. I hope you will join. Must be able to complete 5 tasks, be active, helpful and chat. Bullies and selfish, immature hay day chat room will be kicked out.

Come and join me Ang-Mart on my way to the top the neighborhood name is 1 Derby League and the emblem is a blue horse on a blue background.

Looking forward to meeting you. Purple cherries on yellow background.

Hay Day Chat and Play - April 2018

Want active folks that participate in the derby. Months gone or absent farmer is not ok. Just started an awesome new farm. Please join. We need more players, but are a great farm community. New neighborhood looking for active and helpful farmers to help us grow. You all should join Wisteria Best farm neighborhood go join and help us win more!

We have won many trophies with around 26 people! People just left to create their own neighborhoods, please come and join us! We not only help each other but also CHAT with each other. We are Indians looking for new recruits who would reciprocate the same. We are looking for active and supportive members. We speak Hay day chat room, English, Urdu and some Spanish. We are friendly people. My farm name is Tulip Farm.


I am looking for a neighborhood just like what you described! Thank you so much! Team Active Yellow Cat and Red Square back only for girls every one gets co leader I am very active and will help you always. Come join me girls!!! Leave this field empty. Listed Neighborhoods. Bailey February 28, at Bailey January 28, at Fellowship of the Farms January 21, at By MongooseGeneral.

Print this page More Guides. Guide Contents. Follow this guide to hear about updates. Hay Day has quite a robust social element, for an iOS game, allowing you to interact with other players from the off.


You can perform tasks such as buying and hay day chat room, as well as visiting their farm. You can interact with friends and complete strangers alike. There is no direct communication in Hay Day - instead, people have worked out ingenious ways to make specific trades with specific people. See the Trading section of this guide for more information on that front. There are many advantages to being as sociable as possible while playing Hay Day. For a start, you will make a lot of money selling items to your friends.

The Social Side of Hay Day

You will also find yourself missing certain items and the only methods to get them will be to use precious Diamondsor to get them from your Friends. There are also numerous advantages to visiting the farms of other players. You can use the computer-controlled 'Greg' as your friend early in the game until you add some people from Facebook. There is a game called Amaze on the ad page.

Usually you can b. Why are there different colored frames around your friends pictures. What is recovery code hay day chat room how can we get it. What can I do to get people want to join my neighborhood? I make my own neighborhood, because I was join many neighborhood but not any neighbo. How do I get people to join my neighborhood?

I made my own neighborhood for a long time but no one join me because my level are But my nei. I did not get my last package 21 nuts for barn upgrade that I ordered.

You charged me. Can y. This is to report a problem with the comment to the staff for moderation. It does not reply to the comment. Why are you reporting this comment? Please do not be rude, what may hay day chat room obvious to you may not be to others.

Nov 20th Guest How can you find someone that left the neighborhood? We're not fb friends. Jun 23rd Guest How i can add a member in my list without having in facebook friend list? Please help. Players can create or join a neighborhood by repairing the neighborhood house. The house unlocks at experience level 10, and requires coins and 2 hours to be repaired. Joining a neighborhood is free. Creating a neighborhood costs coins. Players can search for a neighborhood by tapping on the house and going to the search tab.

They can search for neighborhoods by name or browse the list of existing neighborhoods. When searching for a neighborhood players can see its name, type, emblem, and number of members.

Icons are displayed if the player has friends in a neighborhood, hay day chat room the average level of a neighborhood matches the player's, and if its preferred chat language is the same as the player's. Players can also click on a neighborhood name to see its member list, whether they are in a derby and the trophies they have won.

Hay day chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)