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Kanra suggests meeting up and talks about an urban legend called the Black Rider. Although the two of them share no personal grudge, Shiki has voiced his distrust of Akabayashi on several occasions. He expresses some satisfaction at being accepted into the gang despite his old age. Durarara chat room names [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Regarding the various Dollars websites popping up: Some of them have character icons we haven't seen in the anime and I was wondering if they were canon or designed by fans.

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If they're canon, I'm also curious as to which icon belongs to which character. I can't remember. Looks like Kida Totally Erika. Again, no idea No clue. I was also wondering about the chat names. I know some of them, but I want to compile a complete list.

Before joining the Awakusu, Akabayashi was part of an unnamed yakuza group and acted as the bodyguard of its leader. He receives orders to extort "protection" money from an antique store and a grocery store owned by the Sonohara family. Akabayashi decides to hit the grocery store first and durarara chat room names a fateful encounter with Sayaka Sonohara, the mother of Anri Sonohara.

Mizuki Akabayashi

Instead of caving into pressure like Akabayashi expected, Sayaka drew Saika and attacked him relentlessly. Akabayashi managed to defend himself for a short time before being quickly overwhelmed and losing his right eye in the process. He manages to overcome Saika's curse by ripping out his eye before the curse could spread from his wound to the rest of free latina dating apps body.

After the incident, Akabayashi leaves the Sonoharas in peace but soon finds that he couldn't stop thinking about Sayaka. He realizes he has fallen in love with her and goes to confess. Unfortunately he gets shot down after she tells him that she was already married and had a family. The two of them remained on relatively friendly terms until tragedy struck when Sayaka took the life of her husband along with her own.

Initially, Akabayashi assumed it was due to her husband's abusive nature but, upon further investigation, Akabayashi finds that the reports of domestic abuse happened very suddenly and very recently. Sayaka's husband had, up until that point, had shown no signs of abusing Sayaka or their daughter, Anri, at all. Several drug tests also showed that there was an unknown drug, which was known to cause fits of insanity and rage, detected in Sayaka's husband's body.

Akabayashi also learned that the drugs had come from the very organization that he worked for, effectively making his boss indirectly responsible for Sayaka's death.

With this new information in mind, when Akabayashi and his boss were durarara chat room names with an assassin, Akabayashi abandoned his duty as a bodyguard and let the assassin kill his boss. Many of the members from his old yakuza group believe Akabayashi was the one who killed him and still seek revenge from time to time. After leaving his old yakuza group, Akabayashi eventually joined the Awakusu. Akabayashi durarara chat room names seen in a meeting between all of the high ranking executives of the Awakusu including Shiki, Aozaki, Takaaki Durarara chat room namesand the young head Mikiya Awakusu.


They discuss what to do about Shizuo Heiwajima who is under suspicion of randomly killing three Awakusu members. Akabayashi describes Shizuo's abilities to a skeptical Mikiya.

After the meeting is adjourned, Akabayashi is seen looking through the Dollars message board for more info. He expresses some satisfaction at being accepted into the gang despite his old age. In durarara chat room names epilogue, Akabayashi, Aozaki, and their subordinates are charged with taking down Vorona and Chat room ukwho were hiding out in an abandoned construction site.

Akabayashi takes down Vorona easily and warns her not underestimate the Awakusu again, since they were responsible for kidnapping Akane Awakusu earlier in the volume. He leaves Vorona with Simon Brezhnev and the others from Russia sushi and heads back home.

Akabayashi is durarara chat room names taking out a group of drug dealers who were operating in Awakusu territory. The incident causes him to muse about his past experiences but he is called back to the present when Akane invites him over to ask about something.


When he arrives to visit, she welcomes him warmly and invites him to talk privately in her room. Once they get settled, Akane asks Akabayashi "what is the best way to kill someone?


After gaining her father's approval, he signs Akane up for self-defense training at Rakuei gym. Later in the day, Akabayashi pays a visit to Russia Sushi and encounters Vorona who is extremely hostile towards him for Slon's apparent death. Those who have membership on both sites, however, may use different handles. Izaya Orihara sends a message to all the Dollars as 'Nakura' at one point, but he goes by 'Kanra' and poses as a girl in the Chat Room throughout the series.

The Chat Room seems to require a special invite, as Izaya shows surprise when his sisters appear on it. Durarara chat room names is later revealed that Namiewho also knows of the Chat Room and watches it but doesn't post on it, was the one who gave them the site address.


Izaya is the Chat Room admin who operates under the alias 'Kanra. Kanra states that Saika reappears using various IP addresses, so blocking them is pointless. Kanra's role as the room admin is also mentioned in the prologue of volume eight of the light novels. It seems Kanra's permission is not required for others to join in the chat as long as they have the site address. Chat logs similarly seem to be view-able by anyone at any time without Kanra's permission.

Private mode may also be initiated between any particular users, though it has been shown at least twice that new users have a hard time figuring out how to respond in private mode instead of public mode while viewing the former. It appears that users can take on others' handle names in the chat room and that Kanra being the admin has the ability to delete previous chat room records.

However, both of these abilities may be specific to Kanra only as the administrator for the chat, durarara chat room names. At one why does keep with me, Izaya takes on Masaomi's handle, 'Bacura,' to talk to Mikado with the implication that he is Masaomi.

He also deletes the chat room records so that Masaomi can not find out that he had been impersonated. Episode 01 : TarouTanaka tells the others that he moved to Ikebukuro that day. Kanra suggests meeting up and durarara chat room names about an urban legend called the Black Rider.

TarouTanaka mentions seeing the Black Rider on his first day in the city. Setton says she was there, too, and TarouTanaka wonders if they passed each other on the street without knowing it. Episode 02 : They talk about suicide groups and people durarara chat room names missing around the city. Episode 04 : They talk about the Black Rider not having a head.

Setton finds the idea ridiculous, TarouTanaka is intrigued, and Kanra tells them that the Black Rider is not human.

Durarara chat room names [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)