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It seemed like a countdown, I suppose. And sure enough, there still was someone else. I understand that it isn't healthy, and truth be told, I'm working on Yes, You Read That Correctly. Creepy chat room stories [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The story gave me creeps…. You must creepy chat room stories logged in to post a comment. You may also like. Who gives out personal info to a stranger?

Let alone your address! He found her hot and called her home because he can have fun. Bloody pervert! I considered changing clothes shortly afterwards. But then, something caught my eye. I'm not really sure how I noticed it, but I remember being so intrigued by it that I dropped the books on the loft floor and picked it up.

There were no words of any kind, even when I turned it over on the other side, sod all. I was kind creepy chat room stories excited, it looked like a computer game that the previous house owners had left behind. Since I absolutely loved computers at the time, I was interested in giving it a go on my Dating websites hawaii. But when I opened the case, the disc inside lacked any kind of artistic illustrations, instead just a bland, white colour with some text written on it in black marker pen.

I wasn't exactly pleased when I learned it wasn't a game, but since someone had actually went through the effort of making a CHATROOM disc, rather than the vast chatrooms available on the internet, I concluded it would be somehow different. That, I got right. Having kicked the worthless books down the attic ladder, I inserted the disc inside my old laptop.

Chatroom 98

After a brief moment, a red box with no text in it appeared. I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but it seemed to linger there for half a minute.

Then, the screen went black for a brief moment, and flashed.


Chatroom 98? What was the significance of that number? Then, what appeared to be a white text box opened up in the centre.

I didn't know what to type, so I randomly put: "Hello. I didn't expect any kind of response but then I got one. Then I realized it was one of those Chatbots; a software designed to stimulate an intelligent conversation with whoever talks to it.

ICT was the only thing that I was good at. I still thought it was strange, though. I'd only lived in my current house for 6 years, but I had never encountered that red box in my entire life. I suppose the houses' previous owners must have owned it. But it's not like creepy chat room stories owned a computer - unless you count the smashed to pieces one that we threw away to the dump when thai women dating first arrived.

Anyway, I tried to start a creepy chat room stories, to see to what extent the A.

5 Chilling CHAT ROOM Stories From Reddit

No sooner than three seconds, Mr. Clarke replied, "No, it seems rather miserable today. I was talking to a stranger.


I wanted to shut down my laptop, but my fingers started typing. You must be logged in to post a comment or you can. Stories Members. Welcome to the dark world where you can experience your scary imagination and share the scary thoughts.

Read, write and submit the scary experiences, surreal short scary stories and spooky tales. It's a place where creepy chat room stories will feel the goosebumps. Sign-up today to enter into the second world. Join Us. Terrified for what could happen next.

He was completely shocked. He close the chat and powered his Nintendo off. As Thomas was taking his anger out on his younger brother. Michael was getting tears in his eyes. He stopped when he had reached the windows with the curtains closed. As he could feel his heartbeat, he slowly pulled mature amateur women naked one curtain…. The window was smeared with a dark, substance.

It was hard creepy chat room stories make out shapes and colours at first. But as his eyes adapted to the combination darkness and moonlight, it quickly became clear what substance this was… it was blood. Bloody hand marks were made all over the window… Thomas was disgusted and terrified, but as always, he was curious about who or what did this. He put on his raincoat, grabbed a sharp kitchen knife, put on his shoes and slowly opened the door. When the door was finally open, the frisky air slammed into his face.

true horror stories of witches, zombies, monsters and unidentified spirits

The only thing he could hear was crickets and the sound of rustling in the bushes down the densely overgrown hill. The viewing platform was clear. Thomas was trying to keep up with his heartbeat, trying to slow it down. Everyone has that one ex, right? You usually ignore those, but after a year of this harassment, the writer was sick of it. You know where to find me. The younger officer stepped outside as the older one sighed. Ernest Hemingway once famously wrote a compelling short story in six words.

All of the photos were my webcam photos. But boy, is it worth your time. Plus, there is so much attention to detail here! I unlocked another door and the knocking stopped. Now it was slamming creepy chat room stories into the door with full force.

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Internet chat rooms can be full of weird people, so when you meet someone sensible, you head straight for them like an island in the middle of the vast ocean. Except creeps also know this, and the smarter ones can take advantage of this phenomenon. I got a text from an unknown number. I texted them back asking who they were. Places like Chatroulettewhere you can video chat with creepy chat room stories strangers, can be entertaining as well as dangerous. If you wanted to know just how bad things can go, then read the story of Molly.

Creepy chat room stories [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)