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Some people use pre-recorded video from Cam Sites with actions that can be seamlessly looped in and called up on demand tricking the viewer into thinking they are watching a live person. As individual situations will differ, you may need to keep additional chat room safety rules in mind that are not necessarily listed here. I agree! Chat room rules safety [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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But you can chat with us without signing up as a member, click HERE and you will instantly be able to chat, no email verification is required. Please share this article Share. For almost as long as chatrooms have existed, people have been asking the question "Are Chat Rooms Safe?


If you give out your personal information, download files or meet people in-person you have compromised your safety. Often, people do some or all of these things and nothing comes of it, but those who have been the victim of crime, whether cyber or physical have almost certainly violated one of these 4 chat safety rules.

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Another popular question is " Are there any chatrooms that are safe for children? Don't Fear "Hackers" Just because someone knows how to exploit chat software does not make them a true "hacker". Some people use ready made scripts they downloaded while others were told what to copy and paste to achieve the desired affect. One of the most used and over rated intimidation tactics by so-called hackers is getting someone's IP address.


If someone has your IP address they can tell what internet service provider you use and at best what town you live in but usually it's just the state or city you live in. Don't Succumb to Blackmail Once you start down the path of pacifying a blackmailer you've started a journey that will never end.

Your best bet is to report it to moderators or site administrators and ignore the person. Com will check logs to corroborate the story and permanently ban the offending party.

4 Tips To Stay Safe in a Chat

You may also wish to notify the police, recently there have been some high profile cases of teens being prosecuted for blackmailing other teens and adults with digital photos and videos. If you are talking about physical safety and digital security, then the four rules above apply and will keep kids safe. However, when it comes to emotional abuse through cyber bullying or exposure to sexual content it is not nearly as easy to stop or even guard against. The best option for kids or teens that are not mature enough to chat room rules safety such situations are to find a chat that requires age verified parental consent.

Children have no place chatting with adults. Find a chat room with a moderator who can add additional security by filtering out any inappropriate content from the chat room. Children are often the targets of predators because children are generally very trusting.

Chat room rules safety your children important online chatting safety rules. Make sure that you talk to your children about the conversations that they have online and the types of people that they are chatting with.

Chat Room Rules and Guidelines

Make sure that your kids are in age-appropriate chat rooms and chat room rules safety your children to come to you if they ever feel uncomfortable about a question that was asked to them or a message that they received. Many times it is best to only allow your child to chat with people that you and they know personally, rather than allowing conversations with strangers.

Predators, including pedophiles, who are online and in chat rooms are very clever and have experience in being deceptive.

Top Five Rules For Safe Online Chatting

These dangerous people will often spend months gaining your trust, or the trust of your children, before asking personal questions or to meet you in person.

Chat room rules safety [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)