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Multiple chat rooms Set up multiple chat rooms, devoted to particular topics or groups within the community. To have it working in an offline environment. Please confirm that both accounts belong to you by entering your password below:. Number of chat-rooms you can create. Chat room plugin [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Summary: The premium version is worth considering, but beware the outdated design and expensive monthly pricing!


Strangely, no demo seems to be available but there are plenty of screenshots on the website for the premium version. You have to upgrade to the premium version for this.

It is reasonably well written but there are some bugs.

Chatwing Wordpress Plugin - How To Install Chat Room Plugin

The worst things about this plugin are:. BuddyPress Instant Chat is a live chat plugin that lets you embed a chat box anywhere on your site. Use with caution. The free version allows 10 users to chat online at a time. The paid version also displays other information such as their photo and friends. Although you can install the plugin from the WordPress chat room plugin respository, you have to register for the free plan on the BoWoB website in order to set up the plugin and copy some information into the settings page.

In theory this allows you to customise various details such as the language and whether people have to be logged in to see the chat window.

This means that if their site stops working then so will your live chat feature. BoWoB Chat looks very similar to the Facebook instant messaging feature, which is great as people are already used to its look and feel.

For a demo, see the chat feature in the bottom right corner of the BoWoB website. Filed under: WordPress Plugins Roundups. Established inchat room plugin innovative WordPress and WooCommerce plugins are used on thousands of websites in over 75 countries worldwide.


I would like to get a Chat Room Plugin that: 1. No commitments - use the Free plan for as long as you want or upgrade anytime.

How to Create Chat Rooms using WordPress for your Users

Fully flexible chat room for websites Sign up to get your own live chat room for your website. Chatwee chat widget features Uplift your online community with these killer live chat widget features: Extensive widget customization From click and drag window resize, to deciding who may enter your chat box.

Multiple chat rooms Set up multiple chat rooms, devoted to particular topics or groups within the community.


Effortless widget installation Copy and paste a single line of HTML code from Dashboard into your website to make the chat widget go live. Chatwee chat widget users Take a look at websites that have been using our chat widget so far.

Online gaming and sports, chat room plugin. Only logged-in users can participate in chat. You will give the user the link to the chat room, which is just like a page. This plugin has only been out for a few days, so it is still very new. It is lacking some features that chat room plugin make this plugin even cooler. A list of people in the chat room would be really great, so other users can see who is active in the chat.

The chat should have the ability to italicize, bold, underline etc. Something like the comment form quicktags would be neat. Another feature someone suggested was the ability to add banned word list. Trusted by over 1.

We will chat room plugin sure to look into alternatives with that option for future updates. I just got a job for an online bar, not really and online bar but there would be a platform where the visitors can interact with some of the brand ambassadors. I used that plugin on my website — it works fine but is too simple. Mainly no file sharing feature so I switched to Chatwee.

How to Add a Chat room to WordPress

It suits me better. We have a bulletin board running on another system but I want to centralize systems.

Chat room plugin [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)