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General Articles. Supported and integrated with, to a degree by Microsoft's tech infrastructure. Iraq Chat Room. The flip side to deep Google integration is deep Google integration, and the potential effects on your privacy. This all sounds really interesting, professionally done and somewhat inviting. Business chat rooms uk [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Been widowed for two business chat rooms uk. Have an active social life. Just done my first zip wire experience. Doing a Sky Dive in August. Full of life and engery. GladysR 7th Jan Hi everyone. I am retired for two years now. Been divorced for many years. Just been kind of lonely lately. Thought it might me interesting to chat with other seniors. MaryB73 1st Jan Hi Everyone. Hey Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Stella Maris 28th Sep I am up in the middle of the night Also, I live alone in an Annexe near my daughter. I am 95 and therefore I have now lost all of my birth family and friends of my era Feels very lonely. I do not know what I am looking for in here, but it does not seem it is business chat rooms uk much. I may be disappointed again. It is not as lively as I thought I do not remember signing in as Stella Maris I must have done so at some time and then given up!

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I think I am going back to bed. And wake up at a business chat rooms uk reasonable time KeithK2 4th Jan Stella Maris. Yeah that happens to me Stella. Im up all times of the night since retiring over a year ago. I'm 64, soon to be 65 and, well, sometimes I just want to get in my car and drive until I dont see anymore power lines, cell phone towers, or outdoor signs.


I want to stop and business chat rooms uk out and stay there for about a month. Maybe I will one day soon. Think Im just trying to reorient business chat rooms uk.

Tot 1st Feb Hello Stella! I would love business chat rooms uk chat to you. A bit of a cat lady and wine drinker I guess. Dance a couple of nights a week. Love to chat if you want to xx T xxx Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hi Stella I recently joined up and haven't found dating for 45 plus to be very interactive, at least in real time.

Are you still looking and having more luck with it? WAAngel 22nd Apr These days that will be a very long drive, Keith. DaveR2 26th Sep Hi just joined looking to make new friends world wide im into painting reading walking cycling and anything else that comes to mind look forward to chastting to you Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hope you will find what you are searching for At this present moment, the place seems pretty dead to me I am also an artist and still love doing watercolours I also just finished writing my memoirs, which was hard work for the last 4 and half years Got Publishers interested, but hesitate in putting my very private life out into the public platform I have my family to consider.

Like to hear from you. Friesontheside 14th Aug Hello England I am in Canada. First time on a chat line!! Citygirl 7th Aug But what the heck, this should be interesting DavidW88 24th Jul Hi new person Reply Flag as inappropriate. Tornado 5 7th Aug How are you? What country do you live? Whirlypop 5th Jul Is anybody there. Hoping to just chit chat. MarieS3 15th Jul I am lonely all the time. I would like to just chat with others who are also lonely. Breck-patersonS 2nd Aug SharonR3 26th Oct Your comment was dated july Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Telstralibra 1st Jul I'm from Australia, I didn't realise this is a UK chat site? PoppyE 29th Jun HarryKenneth 28th Jun Another thought. If you have.

At worst, I will be no help. I am looking to chat with senior citizens with lively minds who like serious subjects and have opinions not necessarily the same as mine on a wide range of topics, including Christianity and getting older. MelinaH 18th Jun Very informative Reply Flag as inappropriate. Tigerlily56 11th Jun Hello I have no idea what I'm doing but just lonely ,just recently widowed and not sure where to go from here.

Hi littlelady I've only just found this site and have no idea what I'm doing either - so that makes at least two of us. I lost my wife last year and have just gone onto the site out of curiosity today. I'm not after a new relationship or anything and am quite contented at 84 to remain single and nearly penniless but quietly relaxed and at ease as I am now.

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It would be nice to simply chat with an on-line friend from time to time though. Best wishes to you, Reg Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hi there I am new to all this. I just want to chat or message, not looking for a relationship just a friendly chat. My husband passed eight years ago, happy and content on my own, but would be nice to chat now and again to some new friends. All the best. AnnieP11 25th May Just want to share views with some friends, i'm new in this chat room and my first time to join this kind of chatting.

Just want to share views with some friends, i'm new in this chat rooms and my first time to join this kind of chatting. MrScruffy 22nd Jun business chat rooms uk Hi me too Gaznorth 23rd May No idea what I'm doing : Reply Flag as inappropriate.

What are these little flags for Reply Flag as inappropriate. Yo y'all Any musicians in the house Reply Flag as inappropriate. Pe 20th May New to this. Thought chatting might be interesting, Reply Flag as inappropriate, business chat rooms uk.

Tazie 18th May JenniferH4 18th May Hi I'm new to chat line just thought I'd give it a business chat rooms uk Reply Flag as inappropriate. ValerieB74 17th May MargaretL69 10th May I'm not really interested in another relationship but if possible I could do with a strong shoulder to cry on, if this leads to something serious well who knows, I'm from South Wales but live in Manchester. I'm 70 but feel younger take care everyone xxx Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Hi all I am new to this so take it easy with me lol Reply Flag as inappropriate. Sunshineroses 6th May First time ever in online chat. In western Canada Reply Flag as inappropriate. Redsky 5th Aug Hello canada im in england august 7 is this a time warp on here or mb bit rough at sea holding up the msgs haha. Nice to chat sunny gal. Spring has sprung. Need to start gardening. Small, Simple and low maintenance is my way. Ladyc 6th May Yeah, I am new to this site.

Anyone go to the doctors lately, they only want to find things wrong, I decided after my test came back clear, I am tired of the so-called para-professionals. HotJJ 3rd May Hey how is everyone Reply Flag as inappropriate. CruiserFred 30th Apr Forgot to say I'm in the UK. Watching for a while and no one has spoken.

Is it live or email communication Reply Flag as inappropriate. First time in a chat roomI am somewhat lost as to how to get started? Do you just jump in or wait for someone to make contact. Hi, The flirts voulez vous 60 years old. Just started. You are the second person I have contacted, It would be good to see whether I will get a response before going further with comments.

Hope to here. Thanks, Den Reply Flag as inappropriate. Are you still wanting to chat. I'm not interested in a relationship. ANiceAzGuy 18th Apr Hi Everybody!! So hoping to meet some new friends to communicate with here on this website.

I'm an active 60 male liberal living in Arizona USA.

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Orig from Calif and have been fortunate to have traveled widely throughout the world. So much to talk about and can handle about any conversation. I'm just as happy to female or males. History is my hobby, but I'm good for just about any topic. JoyceO8 17th Apr I spend a lot of time alone and would love to have someone to chat with mainly early evenings.

Hi Joyce. I noted that you enjoy chatting during the early evening. I'm in Arizona we do not change time. Hi Ken, I get it I get the empty feeling so much so often that like you I'm on this web site. I'm orig from Southern Calif but have spent a lot of time all over the state and know the central valley areas very well.

I'm in Arizona now, but I'm good to chat with about most topics. Hope to hear from you. Biskit1 15th Apr I'm 72yrs. Lost my oter half a year ago after 22yrs. Health issues have had big effect on my independence. Never used to chat to meet singles still.

Feel very isolated and lonely. Bonnie fine 16th Apr Im 57 and i feel the same way. MargaretA84 13th Apr Hi my first time on chat room, so Hello!! Hello back! Hope your day is doing well! Seeking new chat friends myself Hope to hear from you! I'm in Arizona USA Your Pal Al Reply Flag as inappropriate. KC2 10th Apr Business chat rooms uk 5th Apr Hi, my name is Janice. First time here Reply Flag as inappropriate. Looking for conversation and friends myself that is what we are doing here.

I'm in AZ but orig from CA and can chat on a lot of business chat rooms uk so hope to hear from you. Rennie6 1st Apr Hi, this is my first time joining, I'm hoping to make some new friends and share similar interests.

I enjoy doing charity work for the Hospice and gardening and I love the hot nice weather when we get it. I also enjoy spending time with my children and their families and just looking to chat with some new people! I joined to find friends too. Hi Rennie, I could write what you wrote I also am involved in a number of groups, have a large family, but still fight the depression of loneliness.

DeborahK 31st Mar I thought chatrooms died off years ago! Hi DeborahK, I thought the same thing too!! Maywalk 20th Mar I have been a Silver Surfer for some time but this is the first time I have ventured on to the forum. I have been very busy over the past decade with looking sfter my lovely hubby who had Dementia and passed away in I have also had many folks contacting me from worldwide wanting to read my WW Two tales because I survived the London Blitz. I will be 88 in May but unfortunately now disabled bodily but my brain is still agile.

If anyone out there would like to contact me I will be happy to answer. God Bless All. Life has not been kind to you in many ways, but I love your attitude! MogM 22nd Apr I have just joined silver surfers. Many years ago I used to go into the over 50's room on Virgin, that was a lot of fun at times. Alecd 19th Mar Hello there. Waratha 19th Mar Not sure what is french knitting but I garden a bit and read some and walk a lot! I am also a leader in a young adult 1 year dating anniversary gifts for boyfriend working with young ladies.

I'll guess that is similar to your guide group. Hope to hear from you Your pal Al Reply Flag as inappropriate. Deepblue 17th Mar Love to chat with you Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hi me too, and I live in Scotland so I can totally relate to the rain thing lol x Reply Flag as inappropriate. BlkBobbie 17th Mar Hello all I'm in Business chat rooms uk, not to far from Vegas.

I'm in Phoenix., business chat rooms uk. So do you do any desert things? I'm new too so when are you on? Glynooski 12th Mar MercedesR 7th Mar I just signed up!

Hi MercedesR Just joined today,hoping to get to make some new friends and share interests, Reply Flag as inappropriate. MercedesR 12th Mar I am new as well. Hi Mercedes I know you can appreciate our area So I hope you reach out should you get this message! Hi Mercedes, I see by the date it's been a while since you were last here or posted here. I replied to one of your business chat rooms uk but thought I would write to your directly.

I'm in Mesa as well and developing new friends is what we are all doing here. LisH 4th Mar This chat is a year old. Where are the current chats please? Just joined. I am in my 70's but feel and think like I am in my 30's. Have just realised that all my contemporaries are either dead or have gone ga ga. When I am not busy, life can be lonely.

I have a lively interest in most things not football. Anybody want to chat? Hello Wishful. G'day from Australia. David70ish 23rd Feb I'm in Minnesota and looking for ladies in their 70s that can discuss issues that occur in later marriage.

Don't know how else to approach that Reply Flag as inappropriate. Ramble on nows the time the time is now MpM 17th Feb Just noticed the advert for bananas. Read the diet info, and it will tell you to avoid at all business chat rooms uk. Wonder if any of the facts? SybleJ 13th Feb Sudan Chat Room. Uae Chat Room.

Arab Chat Room. Family Chat Rooms. Muslim Chat Room. Chat Room. Canada Chat Room. English Chat Room. Uk Chat Room. Usa Chat Room. Chat Rooms. Conference Call Services. Desi Chat Rooms. European Chat Room.


Flash Chat Rooms. French Chat Room. They will work on a desktop, a laptop or a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet. We have been around since 23 March and, with your help, we hope to be around long into the future. You can learn more about online chat at Wikipedia. Enjoy the site. I look forward to chatting business chat rooms uk you! Free chat rooms We offer free chat rooms - no registration required!

Chat now. Self-described IM veteran covers the latest in messaging trends and videography. Updated January 24, What We Business chat rooms uk Robust ecosystem and wide global adoption. Supported and integrated with, to a degree by Microsoft's tech infrastructure. Mix of free and paid options. Large chatrooms may require a subscription, depending on how they're set up.

What We Like Easy to use — just click links to join the chat. Great for chats with just a couple of people. What We Don't Like Severely limited in number of participants — four free, 12 paid. Not a well-known service. What We Like Deep integration with Google's services and devices.

Includes voice calls and a few other bonuses.

Business chat rooms uk [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)