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Home People. The real reason this incident was so chilling was because we all knew that it could have happened when Alex was on the wall. By James Lucas. Afghan voice chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

It could happen. Oh man, that would be really bad odds. Mikey had been trying not to dwell on the fact that shortly before leaving for Morocco, the climbing tribe had sustained another loss. Most of the crew knew them personally. Alex afghan voice chat room dozens of texts from his friends after the Freerider ascent.

He joked that he needed an auto reply to respond to them all. The only equipment used for the climb, his shoes and a chalk bag, lie on the floor of the van below his legs. Alex laughed. Jimmy was nearby on a separate rope a bit above Mikey, jugging up to get in position to film the next pitch, which was by far the most dramatic on the entire route—gently overhanging, smooth gray rock with streaks of orange and red.

Big moves between positive holds.


The rating: 5. Alex slipped off the heels of his shoes and shuffled a few feet across the ledge. He turned his back to Mikey, who was still rolling, and let out a sigh. A stream of urine arced through the air.


The jangle of clinking carabiners drew my attention to a notch between two fins of scaly gray limestone one hundred feet below. Jimmy, panting and dripping with sweat, was hustling to top out before Alex, so he and Clair could shoot Alex summiting from two different angles.


He pulled the huge black camera case from around his neck and threw it down in the rocks by his feet. A few minutes later, we heard whistling. Alex, wearing a bright red shirt, black pants, and a yellow chalk bag, scrambled up onto the summit, all nonchalant, as if he were strolling down the sidewalk to get a pack of gum from the corner shop.

Jimmy and Clair had their cameras trained on him, while Alex stood there, staring at his forearms. Web resultaten AfghanOnline.

An Excerpt From The Impossible Climb: Alex Honnold Free Soloing in Morocco

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