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Replies: Views: 27, You will have to talk to Ted to see where he thinks your relationship will end up. While you may enjoy cuddling, hand holding, etc. Aspergers and dating forums [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

She loves me to bits. She keeps telling me I am the best thing that has ever happened to her. Intimacy comes naturally to me. I am somewhat sensitive though but those who know me say I am strong. I don't feel strong though. I do have my demons I battle with. I often get picked out for incomplete communication.

I know what I'm saying and what I mean but I don't realize I have left out whole sentences or in my mind I guess I'm aspergers and dating forums the other person knows what I know. Originally Posted by Guy. Dealing with this now with my wife. This is an issue that can have serious consequences for the non-affected spouse.

Here is my cautionary tale. We were both more introverted growing up. Myself for a variety of reasons, her because her brain just works differently. She was never tested for anything, but shows traits associated with Asperger's Syndrome.

When I turned 20, I became a lot more social. Unfortunately it was too little, too late for me. Having not had much relationship experience, I'd reject many of the women my age who were experienced. Over four years I had a few "relationships" of two to three months in length, with minimal intimacy for the most part. I met my wife and she pretty much walked the same path I did, and while black dating dc was quite, I felt connected to her.

Quote: Originally Posted by Green haha I'm convinced aspergers or whatever it is called doesn't really exist. Digg del. Similar Threads.

A horrible horrible thing happened!!! Dating a guy who is horrible with finances. I did something really horrible. Help me out I'm horrible. LinkBack URL. About LinkBacks. Digg this Thread! Bookmark in Technorati. Tweet this thread. Share on Facebook. We are going out Saturday night to an LDS band compitition and a costume dance afterwards.

A few weeks ago, we went to a ward Sadies Hawkins dance where we dressed as a famous couple. We went as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. We made the costumes ourselves and had a great time. We even won a trophy Ted kept it for Best Couple. I guess I am afraid to push him away like I did last time. I should get over my fear and just ask him. If me asking him is going to run him off, I guess he really doesn't want me. I'll try to gather all my courage and ask him that when we go out together tomorrow night.

Beefche: Yes, I do understand Ted needs a different pace. What I meant by saying that he wasn't going at a normal pace is that many people who dont understand his needs tells me I should dump aspergers and dating forums because he isn't progressing like a normal relationship. I don't want to dump him just because he is not going at a normal pace like society thinks he should. I'm sorry for that confusion. I didn't think about Ted not aspergers and dating forums the same answers I have been getting for over 2 years.

I guess I will talk to Ted tomorrow night when we are together and ask him what he feels. Thank-you for your encouragment.

Dating with Asperger’s

MorningStar: I have to agree with you on people on the Autism Spectrum are defiantly completly obedient at least it is that way for Ted. I didn't think about my touch could make him feel disobedient. I will have to talk to him and ask what his feelings are on touch. I leared my mistake by pushing too much last year.


Now that he has started to come back to me over the past 9 months, I have always let him make the moves. I haven't tried holding his hand at all or touch him. I have asked him out about 8 times in non-threatning ways and to non-threatning situations.

He has agreed to go out each time. I will work on my bluntness so it will be easier for us to both know what we expect. PrinceOfLight That would be great if I could have contact with someone who understands Asperger's better then me. I would love to have help, advice and encouragement from her. I never been in a relationship because everyone has stopped talking to me I been friendless for 15 years, I have gain trust issues in those years.

I now got friends, 4 of them are brothers with each other, triplets and a there younger brother, their cousin has Austin, so they understand be better.

A girl moved into my ward awhile ago, she's a step-sister to a girl who's in my Sunday school class O how I hate that classbut anyways, I like her and we talked some on facebook. But I really like this girl and it's hard for me, cuz of trust issues, maybe Ted has the same problem?

What I thought soooo often is "Why can't others see "us" people with AS like they see others, get to know us, don't run away, don't judge, don't give us rejection". When people get to know me, they always stop does he flirting with me to me after months, so I'm very glad you can see Ted as another, not as "Different" and want to get to know him etc.

I agree, it's utter tosh If you expect him to show emotion in the same way that the average man would, then it's not going to work out. If you truly love this guy, that means you'll be willing to accept that some things that seem perfectly natural to most people, don't come naturally to him. Of course people with AS are capable of learning what social behaviour is natural to most people and I would certainly expect him to put as much effort as possible into doing thisbut even then, it's a struggle aspergers and dating forums them to do it, aspergers and dating forums, as it just doesn't seem normal for them.

Sometimes they can seem arrogant or rude, but they genuinely don't realise this. The best way for someone with AS to learn what comes naturally to everyone else is to explain to him aspergers and dating forums you've seen him acting like a typical aspie.

But don't do it angrily, or get upset by it - if it was caused by AS, he didn't do it on purpose. However you should be blunt.

Someone with AS has a limited ability to "read between the lines". They tend to take most of aspergers and dating forums is said to them literally. So just say it the way it is, but caringly rather than accusingly.

I suggest you talk to Ted about it. Let him know your feelings, but also that you respect him and want to go at a comfortable pace for him. Ask his permission before you hold his hand, etc. With Aspergers, what is okay today may not be tomorrow. They are very sensitive towards outside stimulation sometimes I have friends and a couple grandkids with similar issues.

While you may enjoy cuddling, hand holding, etc. And that is where the struggles come from. Right now you are head over heels in love with him, but later in life when you wish for more intimacy or closeness, and he isn't able to give it to you, it may end up leaving you feeling frustrated and trapped in a one dimensional relationship.

This isn't always the case with people with Aspergers and related syndromes, but it is often the case. For some, it means never having children, or a satisfying sex life. Featured Aspie boyfriend and his female friend captivepulseMar 27, Replies: 67 Views: 5, Replies: 0 Views: Replies: 34 Views: Artemis Jul 17, Crossbreed Jul 14, Featured Sudden Shut-down.

What Should I Do? GiniJun 30, Replies: 17 Views: Aspychata Jul 14, AeneaJul 3, Replies: 70 Views: 1, Dating someone with Asperger's kryptozMay 8, Featured Demisexual - being a better friend cbergJun 26, Aspergers and dating forums 90 Views: 1, ASD They are now going out, and have been for a while now; when my friend told me she was going out with the other girl, I could have kicked myself for not introducing them sooner because they are such a good match!

I knew they were both lesbians before they started going out. Both of them have trouble picking up on some social cues, and both dislike being touched by most people. They absolutely hate being described as a "cute" couple, so I tend to say that they're "well matched", or "well suited".

I'm totally not saying that people with Aspergers should only date other people with the same condition; just that it happened to steve harvey dating service well in this instance where my two friends happen to be autistic.

As long as the partner understands and accepts the condition as being part of the person, I don't see a problem. I haven't gone out with anyone myself who has Aspergers, but if we liked each other and were compatible, I wouldn't see the problem, same as with anyone else. Maybe you aspergers and dating forums look up some of the people you taught on facebook and see how they're really doing, instead of just imagining.

Compare their comprehension and world views with those of the guy in the next cubicle, who likely has no idea how or even if the current Greek and Italian financial crises will affect him. At first I said, but I'm social and outgoing, but have also spent much of my life feeling on the outside looking in.

I can't be an Aspie because they are withdrawn, but the more read and studied it was as if those books and articles were describing me. Even at 48, the idea of meeting a man, getting married, having kids, is beyond me and I don't know how one goes through the steps of life that NTs do. Female Aspie traits are aspergers and dating forums contrast to aspergers and dating forums - some because of social influences.

JPG Dating an Aspie man is still quite challenging.


He was told by other women he was too intense for them. I actually enjoyed his intensity, didn't fight it, and he doesn't know how to aspergers and dating forums that. Now I am hurt from him retreating from me. I thought dating someone so much like me was going to be the answer, but men will still be men running from the first sign of emotional intimacy.

It is the thing I crave the most in life - that connection, yet it is the most elusive. How to tell if they are a sociopath, well meaning and simply don't know any better, or undiagnosed and refuse to be because of a stigma.

How to Date an Aspie - Patrons Choice

It is hard to connect with someone who doesn't seem to want a connection. I suppose when someone makes a left mature womens fashion show or off the wall comment we can casually ask them to explain themselves. I figure why would a guy ask me out in the first place if he didn't see something in me he liked, so it wouldn't make any sense that one would want to spend an evening with another and say rude things to them.

I like to know as much about what is between their ears before I meet them so I know what to expect. The hard part is when I know them long enough to become fond of them and attracted to them and then they start acting out of character "for them. So emotionally unavailable, just rude, or is it Aspergers? I guess only time will tell with a person. Is there truly no chemistry? Or is "chemistry" just a term people use for ambiguous instantaneous lust that doesn't last and is normally only seen in Hollywood movies passing for a "relationship"?

You may need to discuss the behaviour with others to see if a solution can be arrived at. You may need to report it because that is wrong if the individual is making you uncomfortable and he is aware of it but doesn't stop, regardless of whether he's Neurotypical or not. In a lot of cases, aspergers and dating forums is mild, more positives than negatives not the other way aroundbut other people even though they know about Asperger's, even work in the field with clients that have Asperger's, will find the subtleties to quote many "creepy".

Anyway, you just may have to report it, plain and simple if it persists. It's tough alright. And as another blogger said it's not necessary being worried about all the latest scares, wether it's bird flu, aspergers and dating forums, flooding??? ETC I just hope I can meet some people preferably before I'm aspergers and dating forums and wrinkly that accept someone unlike themselves.

People all have a tendency to be selfish, me included, but not wanting to do things other people's way leaves me out in the cold. I'd like to have it my way. I have mild Aspergers Dissorder.

Love, Relationships and Dating

It's a pain. And I do suffer. And I suffer in silence. It has led to mental health problems at the moment. My hope is Christ.

Aspergers and dating forums [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)